503 errors fixed?

For months people have been getting 503 errors from my websites including this blog. They would all go bad at the same time and come back at the same time. My hosting provider was of almost no help. Ry suggested I try something and it sounded better than anything anyone else suggested so I have implemented it on the more important domains.

It may take an hour or so for the changes to drift your way over the “intertubes” but should you see strange behavior or errors on my websites after about 2:15 PDT today please let me know.

Update: I’m still getting the errors. Don’t bother to tell me about them.


2 thoughts on “503 errors fixed?

  1. Not quite on topic, but anyway: I mentioned the other day getting a popup ad from this site. Just got another. The URL is http://sponsor.adverstitial.com/view/advertisement?loc=74635&adv=2861707&camp=668192&w=300&h=250&rnd=1634455874937066273 . I forgot what it was for, something utterly unmemorable, fruit or something medical judging by the picture. It doesn’t want to appear again when I try to get to it from browser history.
    It showed up when I was scrolling down the comments of article “no limits”. There are no ads on that page, and I’m quite certain I didn’t click on anything in any case.

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