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What right wing nut job massacring children is he referring to? Or is there a sort of poshumous declaration of rightwingedness similar to how the deceased in Chicago all begin to vote Democrat?

Windy Wilson
July 27, 2014
Comment to Quote of the day—Mark Wilson
[The closest thing to a right wing nut job who massacred U.S. children in recent times that I know of is Timothy McVeigh. I was unable to identify a political affiliation for The Sandy Hook Elementary shooter but the Columbine shooters were most closely linked to the left, not the right.

In general Wilson’s speculation is correct. Initially the right gets blamed for mass shooting, the truth comes out that they were most closely associated with the left, and the media go silent about the political affiliation. The mass of people on the left remember the initial accusation and use the accusation as if it were a conviction.—Joe]


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  1. That’s part of the plan. Blame the right at first. That lie will spread before the truth can be known, and by that time the story is old hat and even if they *did* issue a correction, it’d be on page 35-F under an add for laxatives.

    Winston Smith’s job is much easier than Orwell made it out to be.

  2. Similarly the converse is when Y# of school shootings includes after hours gang shootings, parking lot suicides, police chases, and drive bys that happen to be a block over.

    Or when X# of Mass shootings is presented and the list includes such things as domestic murder-suicides.

    In either X or Y the number is presented , as if such events were happening on a weekly basis. And yet… if such a thing were true, wouldn’t said events *have been* reported every week?

    In both this and the above, Selection Bias Gell-Mann amnesia sets. All that matters is what is being said, in this very moment, and even then only if it’s being said loud enough.

  3. I believe the word is “posthumous”, with a “t”.

    Anyway, the tactics are very old and they are pretty consistent and predictable. The Israelis, at least for the moment, seem to be letting go of the intimidation and fear that such tactics instill. When will we? When you’re comfortably and consistently (some would say “faithfully”) guided by principle, there is nothing to fear.

    Let the monkeys throw feces– It only makes them look like feces-throwing monkeys. Of course some small number of people will be swayed by feces throwing, but there’s nothing to be done about that other than showing the way of consistency and reason. Eventually a few of the perpetually duped will realize that they’ve been deceived all along, and those people are among the best, most steadfast advocates of liberty.

  4. You are correct, I was typing hastily, and sometimes the proofreading sees what I expect to see.

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