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The AR 15 along with other repeating firearms and handguns are terrorist grade weapons that need to be eliminated from the American landscape at any and all cost. I have proof that all repeating firearms are terrorist grade. In the first video that I am showing is the prelude to a 1958 TV show The Riflemen that my grandfather probably watched. You could see that the lever action rifle used can be shot from the hip to be spray fired just like a semiautomatic military grade rifle.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOEozi95TjQ.

Italian Rose
July 19, 2014
Comment to Federal bill to restrict the content of gun advertising

[H/T to Ted N. who sent me the link via email.

I used to watch this show when I was a kid. It probably wasn’t until 1962 or or 1963 though. I’m tempted to watch an episode or two. I found what appear to be full episodes on YouTube. Here is the first one:

Don’t ever let anyone get away with trying tell you that no one wants to take your guns. Italian Rose is a strong counter example.

It’s clear from the complete rant that revolvers also qualify as “terrorist grade weapons” in this persons eyes.

One has to wonder about their opinion that these type of guns “need to be eliminated from the American landscape at any and all cost”. Just how strongly do they believe in this cause? Are they willing to die for their beliefs? I ask this question because I know quite a few people willing to kill if the Italian Rose were to be able to convince the government to start the “elimination process”.—Joe]


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  1. I have long said I would love to see the term “statism” gain the currency and strength as a curse that “racism” has today on the grounds that statism has killed far more people than racism. I could say the same of statism vs terrorism. As a statist, Rose has embraced THE most murderous faith in the entire existence of humanity. A mass murderer in the making.

  2. The “spray fire from the hip” military shooting technique again? The one that isn’t taught in any modern military?

    I get a kick out of telling lefty gun grabbers about the one obsolete mil “from the hip” shooting technique used in the past, walking fire. I especially like the part where the gun specifically designed for it (the BAR) doesn’t have a pistol grip.

    • Actually, that is likely the reason the M1918 BAR _doesn’t_ have a pistol grip, and the later Colt Monitor and FN BAR-D variants (which were developed after “walking fire” was wholly discredited) DID have them.

      Take two long guns, one with a pistol grip, and the other with a “traditional” stock. Hold them both at or just below waist level, bores parallel to the ground.

      Which wrist is in a more natural position, and which is cranked at an uncomfortable angle? A-yup — pistol grips generally make guns LESS ergonomic for hip shooting. . .

  3. They are willing for others to die for their beliefs. They just want to watch the fun on TV.

  4. Hey, don’t laugh! I’m sure the Georgia contingent of her Einsatzgruppe will be armed with those readily-available pulse rifles!

  5. … Did Italian Rose just pull the “I’ve seen it on TV, therefore it must be true” fallacy?

    Quick, someone tell him Elmo and the Power Rangers aren’t real.

  6. The “at any and all costs” line makes me think it was sarcasm, especially when combine with a reference to a 50s/60s TV show. It’s either a marvelously over-the-top self-parody, or mind-numbingly stupid, spoken of ignorance deeper than the Marianna Trench or hatred and fear that is well past bordering on the pathological.

      • I was just about to ask you if Rose was actually trying to parody the anti-rights crowd.

        • Poe’s Law.

          So many crazy people have Internet access and time on their hands that it’s become impossible to distinguish between real craziness and parodies of craziness. Conversely, there’s nothing the writers at The Onion can come up with that some crazy person out there can’t top.

  7. Sigh, not this silly ditz AGAIN. I get more meaningful commentary on current issues from my dog.

  8. Oh look, another one of Joe’s false flag accounts. I swear, these people are too perfectly stupid, too perfectly obvious, and too perfectly absurd to be real. It has to be a conspiracy. You literally cannot parody them, so therefor they must be parody right? People cannot be that stupid right? Where is my tinfoil hat? I need the comfort of my tinfoil hat. The stupid hurts so much, please make it stop. . .

      • Don’t do this to me Joe. I refuse to believe. We deal with stupid people through parody, but when they are so dumb you cannot tell the parody from the real thing, when you come up with an idea so absurd that surely no one on their side can think it is a good idea, and then someone on their side says your idea *does not go far enough,* how do you cope with that? We can only mockingly call out for the genocide of all freedom loving men and their children so many times before the agreement from their side gets a little discerning. We must buffer our psyche somehow. The only thing we have left is meta-parody. If they adopt the absolute stupidest position we can think of, they must be a false flag an a parody. No one can be that insane for real. The whole thing, from Watts on down is a self referential false flag parody, designed wholly by bloggers to give them content and drive views to their sites. Oh, and the NRA, no good conspiracy theory can overlook the NRA. And money. The whole thing is set up by the NRA and bloggers as a false flag to scare people into giving them money. That is the story and I am sticking too it.

  9. I used to watch that show as a kid. One of my friends had a toy cap gun version of that rifle. It was a simplistic morality tale rather than high drama, but having a first episode written by Sam Peckinpah and guest staring Dennis Hopper is pretty cool. When I was six years old, what I knew about guns came from shows like that. As an adult I have better sources of information.

    • I just caught the pilot on TV the other day, seeing Peckinpah’s name on it kinda threw me.

      Though it was pretty bleak: crippled ex-Sheriff Micah being hunted down by an ex-con with a grudge, Lucas going to defend the town because no one else would and getting shot down pretty solidly in the attempt, Micah deliberately choosing slugs to give him more range out of his shotgun, taking the bad guy by surprise when he saves the day…

  10. One of the gun magazines did an article on that rifle many years back. It had a screw installed in the lever, such that the screw would trip the trigger as the lever was brought into battery. Connors didn’t need to touch the trigger with his finger– It would fire as fast as you could work the lever. If he wanted to use regular fire, he just backed out the screw. I wouldn’t recommend trying it at home, and it has no field utility whatsoever, but it is a neat trick for the camera.

    As for people taking the stupidest possible position; I’ve come to expect it. Knowing a little bit about history, it shouldn’t suprize anyone;
    “The Jews are responsible for your economic and social troubles. Kill them all and everything will be better.”
    Now can anyone top that in terms of stupidity and irrationality?

    • I am pretty sure that is the exact same argument that the anti rights crowd is using against us right now. I am not sure if you consider that “topping” or not. I guess we can agree to call it a tie.

    • I recall reading about that same modification. But I recall it as he had two different rifles for the show. One with the screw and one without.

      Just nitpicking. It makes no difference to your conclusions.

  11. IIRC, Conners was one of those rare ambidextrous people. Shoot guns and basketballs with either hand, equally well. Neat guy.

  12. After watching that full episode, I realized (duh) that the use of the word “terrorist” is the same as with all of Left-Speak; it’s been turned on its head. I means, “Honest, principled, strong, capable, brave and faithful defender of liberty and justice”. So the next time a leftist calls you a “terrorist” you can take it as a high compliment.

  13. I had the Mattel Toy version of that rifle myself, the toy had a lever that flipped up to trip the trigger. I believe that the actual prop rifle was a Win. Mod 92 in 44-40 which, of course, used blanks so that if the rifle fired out of battery there would be little negative consequence. In the real world, the consequence would be wholly on the Beta – negative side which to me says that all remaining Mattel Toy versions are indeed Assault Terrorist Weapons with High Capacity Assault Clips Magizines and must be destroyed with fire

  14. Since when was “spray firing” from the hip deadlier than actually shouldering the gun and using the sights? Just proves (again) that all their “knowledge” of firearms comes from TV and movies, and is based in feelings and not facts.

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