Quote of the day—John Loos

The bigger the gun, the tinier the penis, and while that may be absolutely, 100-percent true in every single case, there are other things guns compensate for.

John Loos
June 24, 2014
8 Things Guns Compensate For (Besides Your Penis)
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via Say Uncle.

The entire article is stereotyped bigotry and prejudice. Supposedly the article is funny but would anyone think it was funny if stereotypes of blacks/gays/Jews were used instead?

And is that a real gun tucked into the front of his pants? It looks odd to me.—Joe]


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  1. Mainly, guns compensate for the lack of human ability to throw a stone at between ~750 and ~4000 feet per second with pinpoint accuracy.

    It has been posited that the rise of Cro-Magnon over Neanderthal was due in significant part to the development of missilery. Such thoughts are not to be spoken anymore, in this age of social censorship and hyper-sensitivity (i.e. insanity).

    • More or less. It wouldn’t have been much of a direct conflict. Harris, in his book ‘Our Kind’, posits that when modern sapiens arrived on the scene, the Neandertals were screwed. Those ancient precursors of ours were using extremely sophisticated equipment compared to the basic cores and flakes of Neanderthal tools — we’re talking only the very best flint blades, needles, basic clothing, bonework (with antlers as well), and throwing boards allowing hunters to launch darts with more power and accuracy than merely by hand.

      Harris remarks it wouldn’t have taken much — a couple of losing skirmishes, really — to force Neandertals away from prime hunting grounds. Hemmed in by superior sapiens, they would’ve quietly crumbled and died out.

      A sad end, but as a theory I think I prefer it to the prospect of those ancestors of mine engaging in genocide against their competition.

    • So, Dave, do our penises grow or shrink based on whether we are wearing a 1911 or an LCP? Depending on mode of dress, I might be wearing either, but I’ve never checked as to the genital effect. . . 😀

  2. Ya know, it never ceases to amaze me that the antis essentially admit to sneaking peeks under the stall doors in the men’s room.

    • If you really want to derail them, ask them what they think of women shooters and how this jibes with the whole ‘big gun/small penis’ smear they like to throw around. Feel free to invoke ‘war on women’ when you do for bonus points.

  3. John Loos must haunt a lot of johns and loos to satisfy his fetish with our genitalia!

  4. Kind of like Liberals attempting to compensate for the lack of functioning brain cells by pontificating continually about subjects of which They have no knowledge.For example freedom, equality, tolerance or fairness

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