Gun cartoon of the day


It would be far more accurate if the date were 10 years ago and headline was “Chicago and Washington D.C. have banned handguns.

But accuracy doesn’t further their agenda so don’t expect it anytime soon.


7 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. The truly shocking bit is that this cartoon is from 2013.
    Way back when Florida switched to “must issue” some scaremongers were predicting “blood on the streets”. When it turned out that the state ended up safer, not more dangerous, a few of those had the integrity to say “I was wrong”.
    Apparently, that level of integrity does not appear in this newspaper or its cartoonist.

  2. This just dense. As Paul says, they made the awful predictions for Florida. Never happened. Same thing here in Texas, and everywhere else that loosened restrictions. Tightest places, such as Chiraq (love that name, got it from Second City Cop), this would be accurate. I’m no Michael Savage fan, but he got it right with Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.

  3. And the number of revocations is vanishingly small … Something like 0.001% … Because licensees are remarkably responsible and law abiding.

  4. It’s promoting insanity, and unfortunately it seems to work on a fair number of people.

    There are several ways of looking at this positively though. The anti rights movement is so utterly, blatantly and provably wrong that they are discrediting themselves now more than ever.
    People who are dumb enough to believe them may be less inclined to visit the more free states, keeping their insanity at a distance.
    As they bolder in their insanity, they are at least letting us know, for sure, who they are.
    This can all be documented for future generations (Joe; I hope you have secure, off-line, long term storage) to show that the people who bitch the most about being victims are the ones who simply can’t cope, and the same ones who will try to control everyone else. It also demonstrates extremely well how nothing is too wrong or too insane to be believed by millions of people.

  5. So many times we have seen this spurious prediction, and so many times it has fallen flat on its face.

    One can only hope the American public is starting to catch on.

    • Not my leftist brothers and their Stalinst wives. The closest thing to any of them making an observation about reality vs the Pravda they get off the TV is some crap about an unseasonably warm two days in June and how they don’t remember that from when they were kids here, so Globull Warmmongering.

  6. The annoying, perhaps even disturbing, thing about this cartoon isn’t that it’s a prediction. It’s that we have data to prove that the number of concealed carry permits a State issues does not correlate to an increase of gun violence. Indeed, in Florida, it has decreased!

    This cartoon could only make sense if there were data indicating that shootings have increased, and doubly so if concealed carriers were the ones doing the offensive, unlawful shooting (although it would be difficult to find a gun banner who would be willing to factor out the lawful shootings). But that’s not a case at all.

    Thus, I can only conclude that this cartoonist is either ignorant, or a liar, but since this is a type of ignorance that is easily enough cured through a few minutes of research, it makes it difficult for me to assume stupidity over malice. And having seen such lies over, and over, and over again. gun grabbers make it very difficult to attribute anything short of malice to their actions.

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