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That’s some serious projection on the part of an anti-gun person. Gun ownership and sales have been increasing while violent crime has been decreasing. But they say we don’t want to look at the data?

Yeah, right. Someone has mental problems and it’s those people who want to restrict our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. Facts get in the way of their agenda.


6 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Who was it made the famous quote?
    “Accuse others of what you do”

    Anyway; it’s a very, very old tactic. Then there’s the other quote;
    “A lie repeated often enough will be accepted as the truth.”

    I’m sure you’ll find some versions of both in “Rules for Radicals”, plus the idea that a Really Big Lie is often easier to get away with, compared to a small lie or a little distortion.

  2. Funny thing; the NRA membership is predominantly white and middle class, a rather low crime demographic. If you look at the readily available crime statistics, it’s not hard to see who does the killing in our society. I suppose if the cartoonist weren’t promoting an agenda and depicted an honest representation of the killers in our society he’d be pilloried for being racist.

    Cartoons such as these illustrate quite clearly, it’s not guns or violence these people hate. It’s us they hate.

  3. Plus it is an adorable little strawman. I can think of no instance of anyone saying the research should not be done. OTOH, I can think of multiple instances, my own included, where people say the research should not be done on the taxpayers’ dime.

    Bloombie just flushed $50mil down the toilet for this “Everytown” fiasco; if he wants the numbers, he can buy them himself.

  4. Funny…….in all my years of examining gun and crime data, it is the pro-gun folks that like to use the ACTUAL data. It is the other side that cooks the books.

    That cartoon wouldn’t be attempting to …… lie, would it?

  5. It’s not just “No research shoudl be done” it’s “The public should be DENIED this information”

    Which is fascinating projection coming from a group that lies with such frequency.

    (For a quick example, look at how often they tout Universal Background Checks, after a shooting where the perp went through an FFL)

    • But there’s a good reason for that. Universal background checks mean a complete record of all (legal) gun sales. That’s equivalent to a gun registry. And that’s what they need to do the planned confiscation.
      Right now, you can still plausible deny having a gun even if you bought it at a shop in the past. Then again, that probably wouldn’t work, because by definition gun confiscators are totalitarians, and we already know how they work (see “Red Dawn”, the original not the remake, where Form 8473 is mentioned early on — or “Enemies foreign and Domestic” by Matt Bracken). But it might help a little.

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