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If putting serial numbers on bullets is a good idea to help solve crimes involving guns wouldn’t it also be a good idea to put them on prescription pills to track down whoever is supplying those who abuse those drugs? Or how about serial numbers on cigarettes to help prevent cigarettes from getting into the hands of underage smokers? Or tracking the serial numbers on paper money to combat the recreational drug trade?

The answer is no to all these ideas. Anyone that suggests serial numbers on bullets is as stupid and/or ignorant as someone who suggests serial numbers be tracked on the other items.


3 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. All I’ve been reading cigarettes are the #1 contraband in the US.

    Of course serializing them is pure stupidity, but it’s less stupid than bullets!

  2. Your analysis is based on the assumption that the goal of the proposal is crime reduction or crime solving. If you hold that assumption, then yes; it is a very stupid and/or ignorant idea.

    But that’s not the issue at all, and it never has been. Once you realize that the purpose is to harass honest, principled, law-abiding citizens who own guns, then you see what a splendid and clever idea it is. It’s a twofer; it implies that responsible gun ownership is a cause of violent crime, making gun owners into social outcasts, while making life immediately more frustrating and difficult for gun owners. Are you going to say that you don’t see the clever wickedness, the delicious evil, in that?

  3. Imagine the outcry from politicians when they have to register their money.

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