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They do not care about productive contributions. They are about marginalizing, hatred, bigotry, and challenging any threat to their worldview. They are like a teenager who KNOWS!!1! they are right. They have their stereotypes, and will cling to them tightly, because like a vampire fears sunlight these sorts of minds fear reality; they know outside their temporary bubble, where they imagine they are safe because the illusion has been going on for so long, they wouldn’t stand a chance, and that thought terrifies them. SO, rather than face their fears, they retreat further into their imaginary world, where the law IS the effect, where the average person is bad but government people are good, where real independence is bad and dependence is good, where things are good or evil, and where facts and ethics are all relative.

July 14, 2014
Comment to Quote of the day—Qrys Bin Thynkn (@QrysBinThynkn)
[In this particular case I agree completely with Rolf but perhaps not in more general instances. This particular immature, name calling, bigot read my blog post about him and continued with the penis insults on Twitter here, here, and here:

The fact that you felt the need to single out my quote tells everyone that you do, in fact, have a small penis. 😉

And you still comment. LOL!! Must be really small. 😉

Do you think these small penis gun advocates realize by ripping into my post they are basically admitting they have a small penis?

Logic and facts are beyond the capability of this guy. There is no such thing as debate using facts, benefits versus hazards, or rights versus reasonable regulation. It about delivering the last lame insult.

I guess you have to play the hand you were dealt. And if that is all that you have you do the best you can with it. But it’s still a losing hand.—Joe]


19 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rolf

  1. Why is he so obsessed with your wiener, Joe? What does he seem to know that the rest of us don’t?! What are you holding back from your regular readers?!?!?!

    • 1) Immaturity and lack of brain power.
      2) Nothing. Just the opposite in fact.
      3) Lots. That’s all on the “other” blog. 😉

      • Regarding 2) — need photos, with strategically placed Coke can for comparison.

        You know, gunnies kind of bring this on themselves. How many blogs talk about “gun porn”? Why would pictures of guns be porn anyway? You ever see stuff about “baseball porn” or “rock climbing porn”? Ever see “pepper spray porn”? “Fire extinguisher porn”? (I’m trying to cover both self defense and sporting uses.)

        • You may have misunderstood something in regard to “2)”. I’m not saying I have anything particularly noteworthy. I’m just saying he doesn’t know anything in this regard that nearly all people reading this blog don’t already know.

        • Baloney.
          “xyz porn” is a common bit of modern slang for lots of xyz. For example, I’ve seen it applied to pictures of classic computers in a mailing list for classic computer fanciers.
          No, the reality is that these gun-haters are, first and foremost, bigots. Bigots are people who denigrate and hate others based on those others’ membership in some group. “Denigrate” often includes such things as claiming the hated people in question are physically or mentally inferior.
          There is no difference between the gun-haters’ “small penis” claim and the KKK bigot’s claim that certain races have small brains or malformed skulls. There is no difference between the gun-haters’ “dumb crackers” stereotypes and the KKK bigot’s claim that certain races are inherently stupid.
          And in fact, the KKK was (among other things) an early example of a victim disarmament organization. Just as Bloomberg aims to disarm many law abiding citizens, the KKK aimed to disarm many law abiding citizens. They weren’t the same set of citizens, but their operating principle is identical.

        • Car porn, boat porn, etc. — fairly common among hobbies that revolve around the hardware.

        • Are you familiar with the trope ‘Scenery Porn’?

          It’s on TVTropes. Look it up. 🙂

  2. People like Rolf aren’t interested in honest debate. They are interested in mocking their opponents and thus 1) driving opponents out of the debate in disgust 2) threatening fence-sitters with an example of how they will be treated if they take the opponent’s position. If tactics like these drive us out of the debate, they are left as the only one speaking to the audience. If they don’t drive us out, we still look silly trying to respond with logic and reason to dick jokes.

    They aren’t trying to win a debate, they are trying to make sure there isn’t one.

    • Yeeaaaah, gotta pay attention before you hit Post Comment. I was all set to break out the tire iron too 😀

  3. Just realized I have a major misstatement there. where things are good or evil, and where facts and ethics are all relative should be “where good or evil and facts and ethics are all relative.”
    I’d also add “where competence and strength are considered bad because they give rise to envy in others, and victim status is exulted rather than pitied.”

  4. I’m confused about which side of the gun debate the author of this quote is on. It could be levied from either perpective.

    • In this particular case it should be fairly clear. The author, Rolf, was talking about someone that resorted to penis size insults when confronted with someone who activates for the right to keep and bear arms.

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