9 thoughts on “Gun Cartoon of the Day

  1. Clearly the clerk is attracted to him, but she knows she’s not very attractive, so she offering him Viagra hoping she’ll get lucky.
    I wonder how long it would take for a similar putdown of a “flaming” gay guy who was “out and proud” before the cartoonist was forced to apologize.
    Hmmm… Maybe that’s the technique: draw two very similar pictures, same captain, where a gun owner is slammed in one and an obviously bigoted put-down of a protected-class group gets the same slam in the other, so people can have their cognitive dissonance shown visually. Side-by-side would be hard to ignore. Any artists out there?

  2. Thanks for using my image, and I love this series, and a twofer today! Not sure if that was intentional, but I’m thankful either way.

    Also to get into TMI I’ve never had a need for Viagra. As a matter of fact, the end result of that drug is something I have too much of, especially first thing in the morning when I just desperately need to pee!

    Oddly enough my erections were never a factor when I bought my first gun, my latest, or anything in between. Makes me wonder what I’m missing.

    • It was intentional.

      And what I tell people is that I don’t use Viagra. For the weekend long orgies recommend Cialis because its effects last for 36 hours. It’s the ultimate party drug.


  3. The lie repeated often enough will be accepted as truth, and apparently this “guns as penis” meme has been repeated more than enough.

    I take solace in knowing that the enemies of liberty have nothing but lies as weapons. So if there is any “compensation” going on it is in the left compensating for the total lack of a rational argument using lies and silly insults. How pathetic! We have no cause for worry.

    That reminds me of a radio play I heard many years ago, wherein the hero sold his soul to the devil. The last line of the play was, “…he realized that he had sold his soul to a fool.”

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  5. I tried Viagra. Those damn things don’t chamber at all, and they’re worthless in shotshells, too. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. I just noticed you must have missed the 2nd panel to that comic? After her snarky comment he must have shouldered his ‘compensator’ blown her head clean off, right? I’ve been told over and over again that’s what happens when people carry guns.

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