I’m the reasonable man

I took a firearms class today to get the new Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons License. Mike (from the link) taught the legal portion of the class. During the class he said the criteria for many lethal force self-defense situations is what a “reasonable man” would have done in the same circumstances. He used me as an example of such a person, “We need an EE as our reasonable man, right?” He also suggested I send him a picture of myself to add to his slide. So, within five minutes I had taken a selfie and emailed it to Mike.

This evening I received an email from Mike without text. It just contained a PDF of the slide:


Therefore, just so you know, I’m the quintessential Reasonable Man.


6 thoughts on “I’m the reasonable man

  1. All that money from Star Trek the Next Generation, shouldn’t you be able to afford body guards?

      • Stuart? I didn’t know Piccard wore polos…
        Just phaser them…. That would be reasonable, right?

        • Patrick Stewart? There is a certain resemblance to a certain Sci-Fi writer with a mustache who was also a trained engineer.

      • He must not have met you in person! First up you don’t talk in a silly accent! Second you’re in better shape (oh god! Now I sound like I have a man-crush!)
        and Third Stewart would probably only come up to your belly-button!

        You should edit that slide to say “Highly Reasonable Man” and then I’ll be laughing!

  2. Interesting. I’d never made the connection before, but I came to comments to say that Joe looks a lot like Stewart/Picard in that photo, and here it is already being discussed.

    The official “reasonable man” eh? I guess that makes you a target, if you weren’t one already. The greatest threat to the corrupt political system is the reasonable man, especially if he champions and articulates reason in public.

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