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With conservatives’ obsession with guns there is no more surefire way to make oneself a god amongst the Teabilly crowd than to lure them in with a smile and an AR-15. On Thursday, Clint Didier, a Tea Party Republican, announced that he will be giving away two Ruger 2300 LC9 pistols and a DB-15 S rifle in an effort to gain support in his bid for retiring Washington Rep. Doc Hastings. Hastings is just the latest to prey upon conservatives’ paranoid ‘Yer not gonna git mah guns’ attitude. Who else has joined in this new tradition of winning over stupid people with weaponry?

John Prager
June 21, 2014
Death Dealers: Pathetic GOP Candidates Are Giving Away Assault Rifles to Buy Votes
[If the title of the article were actually true then wouldn’t they have to give a select fire rifle to everyone who agreed to vote for them? Or would it be one for each community and they would share it?

The entire article is filled with logical and factual errors. Did you catch the error above where he says “bid for retiring Washington Rep. Doc Hastings”? I didn’t know you could bid on people. Is Hasting going to be Didier’s slave if he has the winning bid?

Yet he thinks we are the stupid ones. Mr. Prager, Have you ever heard of projection?—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Prager

  1. Ah yes, gotta love the old doublethink of “Stupid Teabilly thinking people are gonna take his guns!”/”We need to ban these death machines!”

    • Don’t forget the doublethink of “GOP Politician giving away guns to win votes is Pathetic”/”Dammit, it’s working – We need to ban the practice!!!”

  2. Note also the bigotry, shown in the fake southern hick accent attributed to gun owners.

  3. Our local high school FFA does an AR raffle every year. There’s a flyer up in the front of most local businesses. I’m tempted to take a picture of one and send it to these nit twits. I’d do it if they wouldn’t freak out and try (note the word try) to get it shut down. We became the second city in Texas this past school year to allow teachers, admin, and even janitors with a CHL to carry on campus. The large number of NRA members here (I know, I know), including many black and hispanic residents, just makes me smile.

    • “even” janitors?
      But not students, eh? That’s unfortunate, since there are a lot more students than staff even in today’s overstaffed schools.

      • I’m pretty sure most high school students don’t qualify. College? Now that’s another matter.

        • My *even* was said sarcastically. All faculty can carry in other words. CHL in Texas requires 21 years of age. As for college, the last two legislative sessions we nearly had Campus Carry, and our RINO Lt Gov shot it down last minute, along with other good bills. Finally primaried the SOB out this go around.

  4. Dems have been buying votes for years with bus rides and free food. At least our stupid people are holding our for better stuff than their stupid people!

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