Olympic Arms, Inc. 1911 Production Suspended

I received following via email today. I have never even held a Olympic Arms 1911 in my hands but it still made me a little bit sad:


Olympic Arms, Inc. 1911 Production Suspended

Raw materials, supply chain issues and Staffing cause a decision to delay production and archive current orders.


Olympic Arms has a rich history of 1911 production. Since having acquired both the M.S. Safari Company, and the Randall Corporation in the late 1980’s and combining them into Safari Arms, Inc. our 1911’s took the market by storm and set new standards for quality, reliability and accuracy in a reasonably priced 1911. Safari Arms also grew internationally, becoming one of Europe’s most desired 1911’s. Owning our own casting house and tooling allowed us to keep a close eye on quality control from molten steel to finished product. Manufacturing our own famous broach-cut National Match grade barrels from bar stock in-house, gave us the ability to provide unprecedented accuracy for hundreds, even thousands less than other brands.

Since that time, the 1911 industry has exploded, and the market has changed significantly. More recently, our company was forced to close our casting facility in Costa Mesa, CA, and our machines and tooling had to be relocated to a new facility that is still unable to produce our parts to the standards we require. That project is still on-going, but does not hold a great deal of promise. Lastly, our Master 1911 Pistolsmith of over 20 years, Mr. Richard Neimer passed away very unexpectedly this past November. The collective results of these events have caused such an interruption in production of raw materials, parts and assemblies that have up to this point, been insurmountable.

Therefore, due to this combined set of circumstances, both in-house and within our manufacturing chain, circumstances we have had little or no control over, Olympic Arms is announcing today, and with great regret, the cancellation of all current orders for 1911 pistols, as well as 1911 frames and slides.

With the reputation and history behind the Safari Arms/Olympic Arms 1911 products, we have decided that we must continue to provide the same quality product, an excellent and affordable shooting experience for our customers, or we will not re-enter the 1911 market.

All unfulfilled 1911 orders will then be kept in an archived folder pending the conclusion our management’s decision on how to best continue, or whether to continue at all, the production of our 1911 products. Should Olympic Arms move forward with the production of 1911’s within the next 12 months, we will honor all of the archived orders at their originally ordered price. Should the decision be made that we cannot continue the 1911 product line and maintain the standards our customers have become accustomed to, all dealers with archived orders will be notified of this decision, at which point all archived orders will then be permanently canceled.
We deeply regret that these unexpected circumstanced have caused confusion, continued delay and extreme inconvenience on the part of our dealers and their customers. We will continue to move forward evaluating the continuation of our 1911 product line, and will alert you of any decision made with urgency.

Tom Spithaler
Sales Dir.
Olympic Arms, Inc.


4 thoughts on “Olympic Arms, Inc. 1911 Production Suspended

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  2. I bet there is a LOT more that could be said about:

    “… our company was forced to close our casting facility in Costa Mesa, CA…”

    • Yeah, I saw that and immediately thought “Who could possibly have seen THAT coming?” Sad, but predictable. CA doesn’t want people that actually, you know, make stuff.

  3. Truly a sad development for Olympic Arms and their employees as well as for RKBA supporters. I imagine the anti gunners are rejoicing.

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