Someone I know is skeptical of the benefits of sleeping on a waterbed. I have a really nice waterbed with a mirrored canopy (only partially assembled in this picture):WP_000575HighContrast

So I was thrilled when I ran across this newspaper article recently:


I’ve had problems with my back in the past and this article says waterbeds are great for your back.

There is just one problem with the article. Check out the date on the newspaper: LmtWaterbedArticleDate


3 thoughts on “Waterbeds

  1. One of the major problems with the traditional waterbed is you cannot downsize it. When it gets to smaller than a Queen size, it doesn’t work well. I think the problem is the total mass of water needs to remain about what a King contains. When it gets smaller, you have to overfill them to get the support you need, which ends up causing the mattress to develop a crown. By the time you get to a Single, it feels like you are laying on a cylinder. Or, with the “correct” amount of water, it is swaybacked like a hammock, which is bad for your back.

    I’m unsure if the problem would go away if the small mattress was deep enough to hold the same quantity as a King. Probably bad for an upstairs floor, though, with the increased weight on such a small footprint.

  2. Aren’t the newest waterbeds (as in 20 years ago) made with multiple bladders so they can be filled to different volumes?

  3. I had a waterbed in the 90’s. I slept on it for 2 or 3 days. When I had to call someone to help me get out of it, I got rid of it. My back had cramped up so bad that I couldn’t even roll over.

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