Quote of the day—Greasy Tony

The NRA are a bunch of thugs that take idiot’s money and laugh all the way to the bank.

Greasy Tony
July 3, 2014
Comment to What do Gun Control people think of NRA saying media should stop calling barbara shooter a shooter?
[“Greasy Tony” needs to do some research on the NRA and their members. It’s extremely clear his prejudice does not match my rather large sample of both NRA representatives (many women smaller than me) and NRA members. But I doubt anything so suspect as facts would change his mind. His mind almost for certain works at “a different level”.

But it’s good to know what people think of you. It helps prepare you for when they make contact with you or advocate for political action. These are not people with anything more than a tenuous connection to reality and they are bent on your destruction.—Joe]


16 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Greasy Tony

  1. I think he’s talking about the NRA itself, not its members. The people like Wayne LaPierre (spelling?) and Marion Hammer. Hammer is short and a woman and I think she’s a thug. Size has nothing to do with thugishness.

    • What basis, other than bigotry, do you have for that judgment?

      • Because of the way she talks, the things she says. It’s either her way or the highway. She’s arrogant and demanding.

        • How DARE she demand her unalienable rights be respected!

          • She’s the one who came up with that Florida law (overturned by the courts) that doctors couldn’t ask their patients anything about guns. Nothing like taking away someone’s First Amendment rights to support the 2nd!

        • You mean like the “moms” “demanding” that the government arbitrarily and unjustly limit, if not outright destroy, law-abiding Americans’ rights?

    • You really do not want to start talking about ‘thuggishness’. I wager we could match you name for name all day long.

    • I’ve met her. Very nice lady. I guess a self-assured woman who is able to take care of herself is a ‘thug’ in the anti-gun world.

  2. The people who give money to the NRA are not idiots. It is those members that he was referring to that I disagreed with him about.

    • I’m not a huge NRA fan myself; sometimes it seems like they are too willing to compromise when they shouldn’t. I tend to be a much stronger supporter of SAF.

      That being said, though, there’s a concept in massive multiplayer online games of ‘tanking’. The ‘tank’ is a player who is adept at drawing enemy attacks to himself and absorbing them, thus keeping weaker teammates (who may be contributing in other ways) alive.

      The NRA is an excellent tank, to use that analogy. It invariably draws liberal fire while other groups systematically smash away at unconstitutional gun control laws.

      • The different pro-rights groups have their specialties.

        NRA’s is legislative action. ESPECIALLY forestalling even worse laws.

        SAF’s is court action.

        Good state level organizations are generally best at getting things done at the state level.

        I support them all.

  3. Let them be gleeful on their way to the bank with my money.

    The side trips they seem to make on the way to deposit the funds have generally been worth it to me.

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