Quote of the day—Amanda Porche

The obvious answer would be to do away with readily available fire arms despite who it pisses off.

Amanda Porche
June 10, 2014
Comment to Bullet-Resistant Blanket Could Protect Kids Against School Shootings
[Amanda, are you going to be taking point on the team tasked with going door-to-door “doing away with readily available firearms”? Or do you just demand others do the messy, short life expectancy, jobs?

Don’t ever let someone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Amanda Porche

  1. The “obvious answer”.

    Yes indeed; some of the dumbest things I hear day to day are preceded by the word “obvious” or “obviously”. There would seem to be an axiom…something about an inverse relationship between what appears obvious and what is real.

  2. Magical thinking. “Do away with…” They do not understand that words and actions are intertwined. This isn’t a “wave the want, say the words, it just happens, sans side effects. There will be a causal chain of events, with each actor looking out for his own best interests, and some of whom will not be wired right.
    Obviously this person has not thought this through very well.

    • Of course they haven’t “thought this through very well”. They’re incapable of logical thought process.

      Joe thinks it’s a mental disease process. I disagree as I think it’s a genetic mutation resolving into a sub-species we’ve been battling against for untold ages; Homo Sapiens Stupidicus.

  3. Underpants Gnome scheme all over again.

    1) Guns are bad.
    2) Do away with guns
    3) ?????
    4) PROFIT!

  4. “The obvious answer….” would also happen to be the wrong answer. FYNQ.

    • To borrow a miss-phrase:
      “You keep using that word…. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
      /Inego Montoya

  5. I’m not a big fan of readily available arms anyway. The ones I tend to get are usually out of stock, out of production, or custom with a long lead time. Just try to get a nice quality .300 BLK pistol upper, or the new Beretta ARX-100.

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