Progressives are so violent:

— natalie(@heartsinireland) July 1, 2014

I hope Kendall Jones gets mauled by a lion. The evil, disgusting coward

— Jack (@JackLewBaines) July 1, 2014

I hope #KendallJones gets eaten alive #Facebook

— Wendy Fiore (@wendyfiore) July 1, 2014

It appears to be in their nature.


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  1. They are what they claim to be against. People need to stay off of Facebook.

  2. Of course they are cowards. They can’t even get up the gumption to do anything themselves, they just hope someone/something else does their dirty work for them while being intolerant of others (you know, the normal leftist schtick). The funny thing about them calling her a coward is that it’s likely they are not brave enough to hunt in the wild, and are so steeped in fear they can’t imagine anyone doing anything other that a totally safe “canned” hunt, so they assume that’s what everyone does.
    Most of the non-hunters I’ve talked to have absolutely no comprehension of the skills, risks, and work involved in hunting. They seem to think it’s no more difficult that taking a picture of an animal at a zoo.

    • She has photos of herself with an elephant and a hippo. Those are both on the endangered species list because of hunting (and this is also why commercial ivory imports are banned in this country).

      I don’t know about the other animals.

      I guess regressives feel it’s okay to go out and hunt animals that could end up extinct in the wild?

      Anyway, I can understand why people are angry.

      • Of course you can “understand”. The intelligent are of infinite variety; the ignorant are all alike.

      • Do you even conservation, bro?

        Even endangered animals have to be culled (rarely, but it does happen).

        It’s the same mindset that insists how ‘we must leave forests untouched’ then act shocked when you get massive wildfires. Without tending to the buildup of underbrush you turn the forest into a HUGE tinderbox.

        • All those animals are hunted in a number of countries under CITES and are perfectly legal to import into the US. Elephants are not endangered, nor hippos or leopards.
          Lion numbers are declining because of encroachment of humans and there numbers are strictly monitored.
          Good for her, I wished I had the money to do the same.

      • Spoken as one that knows nothing of actual, on-the-ground habitat management. Elephants are extremely destructive. Some of that destruction paves the way for other species to thrive, but sometimes it just shows there are unsupportable numbers of them, and they need to have their numbers reduced. They is not a single monolithic “African Elephant” population; they are in scattered parks and regions, separated by large distances. Just because one population is at risk in some way doesn’t mean there are not too many of them somewhere else. If this gal and her family are hunting them legally, then they are turned into food (for some Africans the only meat they get bigger than an occasional egg or lizard are the results of white man’s hunting, largely because of insane government policies) and the tags are costing thousands of dollars that help support the local economies. If there isn’t high-dollar legal hunting, what do all the game-management personnel turn too? Yeah, poaching, for low value and high wastage. Great trade-off, there, Ubu.
        As for hippos, they are not endangered, but they are dangerous as all hell – they kill more people in Africa every year than any other animal; keeping their population in check directly saves human lives. Not that many on the left think that’s a good thing, but that’s a different argument.

      • “Anyway, I can understand why people are angry.”

        Oh, I understand why people are angry, but my understanding and your understanding have nothing in common. People are angry because they’re victims of a decades long attack on the coping culture, perpetrated by the non-copers.

        Also; you display complete ignorance (willful or otherwise) of hunting as a means of game management and of funding of game management and habitat maintenance.

        Hunting is big business, and everyone involved understands that the perpetuation of game species is the foundation of all of it.

        And so, Little Grasshopper; those “eeevil” bloodthirsty hunter killers you love to hate are responsible for more game and habitat preservation than any number of bunny-huggers and “animal rights” advocates you can name, and all they ask is return is for the knee-jerk know-nothings to stay off their backs.

      • Ubu —

        You obviously don;t realize that the only places in Africa where those animals’ populations are NOT heavily declining are the places that allow regulated hunting?

        You see, if there’s no LEGAL way to make enough money off these animals to be worth putting up with the COSTS associated with living around them (especially for barely-scraping-by farmers), the locals will team up with the poachers, as well as (illegally, but effectively) eliminate them from the area (in the US, it’s called “Shoot, shovel, and shut up”). To a poor farming villager, an elephant is just a five and a half tonne rat. . . unless it is LEGALLY profitable (in which case, the POACHERS end up on the wrong end of “Shoot, shovel, and shut up,” which bothers me not.)

        Guess what? Regulated hunting of these animals IS both sustainable AND profitable, and pulls in a HELL of a lot more money than “photo safaris”. You see, no matter how many fuzzy-bunny types may WANT to do a photo safari, they aren’t willing to pay the same kinds of fees, nor are they NEARLY as willing to actually pay for the trip in the first place, as dedicated big game hunters. Pictures are nice, but not tens of thousands of dollars PER TRIP nice.

        And no, I’m not a hunter. I’m too lazy to to want to field dress the game — while venison is good, it’s not good enough to put up with teh mess {chuckle}. So, it’s not that I’m protecting _my_ hobby.

      • Oh ubu, your fount of ignorance is both wide and deep. You provide such an easy and obvious target I am tempted to label you a false flag, who comes here to give credit to the “ignorant liberal” trope. Everything you say is so astoundingly contrary to reality it is actually hard to believe. I would point out all the flaws with your post, but so many others have already done so. I hope you read them and learn, and maybe let us know you have done so by posting back instead of ignoring all future comments and continuing to live on in ignorance (like you did with our last conversation).

        Either that or you really are a false flag. Joe, are you using an alias to drive up post count?

        • It’s not me!

          I’m pretty sure ubu52 is sincere most of the time. There have a been a few times I have told her I thought a comment of hers was trolling but that doesn’t happen very often.

  3. There’s something about female hunters that really brings out the Misogynists.

    Note how a woman hunter will get far, far more ire and personal and frankly sexist remarks than a male hunter with the same dead animals.

    I’m thinking it’s because it’s one of the few areas one can be a dismissive sexist pig and be applauded by the very people that would scream about the slightest hint of Misogyny otherwise.

    (And then add in that to some degree this is done as a defensive mechanism, to pile on the bile and hate on female sport hunters to poison the well against other women taking up sport hunting.)

    I mean where else is it politically correct to denigrate and dehumanize a woman succeeding in a traditionally dominated field *and* to do it in order to create an atmosphere of gender-normative pressure to keep other women from entering said field?

    • There’s also the aspect of delegitimizing real ‘women’s empowerment’. As the old saying goes, God made man and woman, but Samuel Colt made them equal.

      A sixteen year old cheerleader can bag a deer or a bear easily with a firearm. This extends not just to normal ‘game’ but dealing with predators (especially the two-legged kind).

      The left loathes this. They cannot abide REAL independence, only the illusory styling offered by various and sundry trifles. You see the same reflexive bile when confronted by black conservative/libertarian types who desire freedom, not serfdom.

      • One of the pictures shows her posing with a lion and a bow.

        Yeah, she took a freaking lion with a bow. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to try that, even with a guide packing an elephant gun for backup.

        • Yeah. To me, sport hunting (as opposed to business like culling, or ballistic extermination of vermin) should involve either significant skill OR risk.

          Going after a lion (or almost ANY of the large African game species) with anything shorter ranged than a .338 Lapua with 10x or more of glass on top qualifies as BOTH.

          Going after one with a BOW is freaking amazing — bloody short ranged (handgun hunting range) with severely limited shock effect to put down wounded game quickly without a PRECISE hit. I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking an Eastern Whitetail with a bow (more due to fear of letting a wounded animal get away), much less any African big game species. (Remember, the current populations of those animals are the ones that RESISTED swarms of humans with bows and spears, for tens of thousands of years.)

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