What’s the problem with these people?

I thought this video was funny and made a great point:

What’s the problem with these people? Locking up your gun and ammo is not good enough for them. They don’t want you to have a gun in the house let alone take your kids to the range or teach them gun safety:

This requires ignoring the vast differences between gun culture and dildo culture, because aside from their similarities as surrogate penises, there’s little common ground there. Dildo owners don’t bring their kids along for dildo-using trips, or dildo practice, and you’re not going to rent a dildo at a dildo range and have it jump in your kid’s hand and kill him. Most kids don’t know you have a dildo, and won’t spend every available minute alone looking for it.

These people apparently have a really tough time accepting the right to keep and bear arms is a specific enumerated right and to accept diversity in our culture.


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  1. It’s another Markley’s Law Mond…. eh? It’s not Monday, yet guns were very directly compared to and accused of being penis substitutes. Is that allowed?

  2. I think I am starting to get the left’s gun-penis analogy – a penis (or fake one) is a weapons, right?

    • Umm, isn’t that the crux of the problem with feminists? The noodley appendage that is the major outward sex indicator of men is both weapon, oppressing, suppressing and impressing women, and also the magic wand, with which men accomplish everything, both without effort, and without expenditure of time, while for women to accomplish the same thing it takes them time, effort, risk, and treasure, and isn’t that just fundamentally unfair?

  3. It would be vastly more realistic to show two boys “fencing” with Mom’s kitchen knives, yet that still doesn’t happen. WHY is it so extremely rare that kids don’t play outside with Mom’s kitchen knives? Maybe because they know better? Maybe because they know about knives, the status of knives as important tools that are also dangerous if mishandled?

    The whole problem here of course is that we are expected to view kids, and people in general as being so totally, mind-bogglingly stupid and irresponsible that they can’t be trusted AT ALL even with the simplest of technology.

    Dildos shmildos, guns shmins. Does Dad lock up the matches and gasoline, or the power tools? What about the household chemicals, the ladders, the car keys and the liquor?

    Should we sequester our kids in a bubble of total safety (though of course there’s no such thing) until they’re 18 and then turn them loose with zero experience at handling themselves?

    No! Teach them to handle the kitchen knives, the matches, the power tools, the gasoline, chemicals, and the car, and for goodness sake take your kids shooting! Enough of this “I’m more dysfunctional than thou” horse crap. Learn to build a fire, cook a meal, shoot, gut skin and butcher a deer or a pig, plant a garden, pick blackberries, write a song, find your way from point A to point B without GPS, paint a barn and frame a house. Lead, follow or stay out of the way– Some of us have work to do and we can’t have other people on our backs and in our faces.

    “Why can’t we all just get along” people say? Because they’re on our backs all the time, that’s why. The people asking that question are usually the very ones who should answer it. What CAN’T you stay off our backs, Progressives? What forces you to get in other people’s faces all the time? Why can’t you mind your own business?

    • A lot of people think “YES, they should be bubble-wrapped!”
      I see it in the school system every day. Every policy conflict between education and risk/liability reduction will ALWAYS be resolved in favor of CYA, because somebody might sue. A kid got hurt in another state playing on the swings, and the parents sued? Take down the swing! makes no diff if the suit won or lost, it costs to defend against it. Literally, they went to ever elementary school in the district and pulled the swings. The remaining “play structures” are boring and not heavily used compared to pine cones.
      Lawyers, bureaucrats, risk-management officers, and other “people” do not see the costs to such decisions, because they externalize the cost to the kids *after graduation*, much as keeping kids in a sterile environment prevents proper immune system development. These people think “NO” is the only answer to everything. They are cowards, and are training everyone to be as afraid as they are of the world. They do not look past immediate consequences, much as a five-year-old only thinks of the flavor of the purloined cookie, not the loss of screen-time as punishment for taking it from their little brother.
      They are short-sighted, narrow-thinking, and afraid of everything. Their goal isn’t a well-educated, self-reliant, self-confident, critically-thinking individual, it’s getting them across the stage at graduation without getting sued. That means no guns, no knives, no swings, etc. But lots of sex-ed, drug-ed, and short-term thinking.
      Wonder why kids think so short term? It’s because they are not farmers, in tune with the seasons and long cycles. They are *trained* to think it terms no longer than a quarter of the school year (a grading period), or maybe a semester (about 20 weeks).

      • I think you’re giving the administrators far too much credit. Sure; a few of them are just deaf and blind, and trying to avoid lawsuits, but ultimately this has been a major set-up. Sol Alinsky, Cloward & Piven, William Ayers, Barak Obama kind of stuff.

        Ski resorts are dangerous places, for example, were people are often injured and even die, and they have you sign a waiver when you buy your lift ticket. It isn’t complicated. This IS a conspiracy.

        Government has no business getting into education in the first place. It’s a disaster in the making. Education should be included in the first amendment, right along with religion, and for exactly the same reasons. “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of education, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” If you value education (like the Founders valued religion) you’ll strive to keep government influence completely out of it.

      • It’s a form of NuSpeek, really. Declare that penises (or guns, or money, or whatever else “penis substitute” the left if fixated on this week) allow men to do everything and oppress women, children, and the poor, just by existing. Declare this to be wrong. Demand that men give up their penises and substitutes (or at least allow them to be shackled), to make a “level playing field.” Deny penises or substitutes to women, the elderly, the infirm, etc.

        Then call it “progress and empowerment for social justice.” Or some similar malarkey.

        It’s straight out of 1984, at least this part. Better yet, like the people of 1984, you can point this out to them today, but they’ll have forgotten this time tomorrow.

  4. Here’s a novel idea. How about teaching kids to be responsible, rational, capable, moral and strong? Or is that completely and forever out of fashion?

    Too many single mothers, teaching their kids to be afraid, weak, flabby, dysfunctional victims, sitting in their pajamas and learning to sign up on line for tax-payer funded healthcare so they can get free anti-psychotic drugs? If that’s your vision of the New America, you had best take it somewhere else while you still can.

    As for my kids, they could both shoot by the time they were big enough to hold up a pistol.

  5. Huh… so that’s what it’ll take to get someone on the “progressive” side to embrace abstinence only sex education and go full “children shouldn’t know about sex toys” puritan.


  6. Just goes to prove, once again, “You can’t fix stupid.”
    I could tolerate the stupidity, if they would stop trying to force everyone else to be as stupid as they are (and maybe if they were sterilized so they couldn’t breed and train another generation of morons.)
    The problem, though, with “moral busybodies,” is that they labor with their own self-approval and nothing short of death will stop them. (One day, they will finally push too far … The “OK, let’s get on with it and implement the ‘final solution’ on those rednecks who refuse to be disarmed.” moment, and then things will truly get “interesting.”)

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