6 thoughts on “Guns prevent crime infographic

  1. I’m always leery of something that says “studies have shown….” Use the study name or acronym, so it’s harder to dismiss out of hand by the anti-rightits.

  2. If more guns means lass crime. And less death, then of course more gun restrictions are not only unconstitutional but they lead to more crime and death.

    Gun restrictions are illegal and they’re getting people killed.

    So who are the “extremists” and the “domestic terrorists”? Those who attempt to uphold and protect human rights, or those who malign and attack human rights?

  3. The “felon poll” graphs should include the “fear of running into police” stat if it’s quantified and indeed lower than the “fear of running into armed citizen” stat.

    Also, does “felon” include those convicted of nonviolent felonies? If so, it’s a less-reassuring statistic than it first appears to be.

    “lass crime”? Joe, you need a preview widget.

    • One variation of the felon poll is the one done with the people behind all the tourist robberies in Florida a decade ago. They were asked by a reporter why they picked on tourists. The answer: they tend to be unarmed.

      • That’s one reason why several rental car companies stopped putting their logos on their cars. Because people in rentale cars were being disproportionately targeted, since it was assumed they were tourists and unarmed.

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