U of I announces concealed carry policy

The University of Idaho has announced their new policy on concealed carry (FAQ here). This was forced upon them by the legislature (and Mike contributed a great deal to this) and the administration is obviously still hostile to people exercising their specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms. Some school authorities have come right out and said, “The Second Amendment does not apply to schools.”

If someone sees a person with a gun:

…the safest course of action is to call the Police Department by dialing 911. They will respond and make contact with an individual to determine if that person is an authorized permit holder and is carrying a weapon legitimately.

This is the recommended procedure even if all appearances are the individual is legally carrying.

But the issue that bugs me the most is:

Q 14. Are authorized permit holders allowed to possess or store their weapons in married student housing?
A – No. Any building located on or within the campus area owned by the University to house persons residing on campus as students is considered a “student dormitory or residence hall” under the law, and possession or storage of weapons in married student housing is prohibited.

How is this not in direct violation of the Heller decision?

At least daughter Kim, once she gets her enhanced CWL, will be able to carry when she is on campus. That’s a big improvement.

Thank you Mike.


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  1. Interestingly enough, even a rather constitution-friendly college like Hillsdale doesn’t allow weapons to be kept in dormitories, on the grounds that they don’t provide ways to store them securely. But they allow them otherwise.

  2. Wasn’t there some kind of case where a federal judge tossed out a ban on guns in public housing?

  3. The problem with firearms in the dorm is not the University’s fault. The law is poorly worded. It makes it a misdemeanor for retired police and those with the enhanced carry permit, and ONLY retired police and holders of the enhanced permit, to possess in the dorms.

    18-3309(2)(a) However, a person issued a license under the provisions of section 18-3302H or 18-3302K, Idaho Code, shall not carry a concealed weapon: (i) Within a student dormitory or residence hall

    With “shall not carry” in the law, it is a now a misdemeanor to carry there. So now those with basic permits or no permit do not commit a crime (they merely violate administrative rules) by carrying in the dorm, but those who have the enhanced permit do.

    Tell me how this is an improvement. Previously I and my daughter who lives on campus could carry on campus and in the dorm without breaking the law.

    This needs to be fixed in the next session.

    • I’m guilty of poor wording myself. The sentence should be “So now those with basic permits do not commit a crime …”

    • I can’t accept much of the credit (blame?) for S1254. I did make some suggestions but my input was rather minimal. One thing I did suggest which did make it into the final language was that there be no penalty specified for violating the terms of 18-3309. Reading the mandatory language (“shall not carry”) in 18-3309(2)(a) as constituting a crime brings up the additional problem that it wouldn’t apply by it’s terms, as Don pointed out, to non-enhanced licensed individuals. I read 18-3309 to mean: the U can adopt policies that prohibit unlicensed people from carrying on campus (with the same old penalties: firing/expulsion/criminal trespass) but these policies can’t effect enhanced license holders except: in dorms and +1,000 venues. In other words: nothing has changed in those places: someone carrying there would still be subject to discipline/ being asked to leave. This is messy I agree.

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  5. if words are so important inside the new law….what does ” shall not be infringed’ apply to….also mere words inside the LAW….just asking….lawyer speak today has caused far to many ‘criminal’ convictions for only utilizing YOUR God given rights…..seems Idaho and its University is mincing words….imho

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