Chicago politicians need to be educated

From Chicago:

Chicago aldermen on Wednesday unanimously passed what Mayor Rahm Emanuel said is a “tough, smart and enforceable” ordinance that allows gun shops within city limits but regulates where they can exist and mandates that all sales have a video record.

firearms dealers will need to pay a $3,800 licensing fee and abide by a 72-hour waiting period for guns and a 12-hour waiting period for rifles and shotguns. A should [sic, perhaps they mean “store”] will also only be able to sell one gun per month per buyer.

Furthermore, retailers would face zoning restrictions would not be permitted to exist within 500 feet of any school or park.

I look forward to them being slapped down even harder by the courts. I suppose the courts have to get prosecutors to file charges and give them a trial for violation of 18 USC 242 and can’t just convict and sentence them on the spot. Although I’m pretty sure they can rule the new law is in violation of the previous court orders and demand they comply or be fined.

It’s time for them to give the Bill of Rights some respect so I’m in favor of all of them getting a felony conviction and spending a few years in prison. Perhaps they would have time to learn about the constitution while there. They could think of it as an educational experience.


4 thoughts on “Chicago politicians need to be educated

  1. If you recall the quality of education in Chicago, you will then understand the futility of the headline and how these individuals get into office.

  2. Illinois carry law also desperately needs work. There are so many places you can’t carry it’s crazy trying to. Also, no reciprocity and bizzare limits on who can apply for non-resident. Lasers are illegal in Chicago and Cook county has a 10-round limit.

    One bright spot is you can carry in your car with an out of state permit.

  3. Why would they be slapped down for their restrictions on gun stores? Those don’t look like bad restrictions to me. They look similar to the ones in California which are perfectly legal.

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