Quote of the day—Nelson Linscott

Even if there had been two, not 74 gun incidents after Sandy Hook, the government and the people should endeavor to change gun laws.

Nelson Linscott
Kittery, Maine
June 17, 2014
Gun control is just common sense
[And just what changes does he imagine will reduce the number to one or less every 18 months?

Don’t ever let anyone tell you no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Nelson Linscott

  1. I love how the antis “Demand Action” but are very vague on WHAT that action is, and don’t really like to discuss the relevance of that action to the blood they’re dancing in.

    Of course you’re correct, so many of the antis want a wide-spread ban and forced confiscation of firearms….if not an all-out civil war where those cousin’ humpin’ rednecks get massacred by the army that they imagine are a bunch of drone-like Obama loyalists.

  2. Amazing how it’s *too* high a bar to ask someone to specify what changes they want to make.

    Then again it’s too high a bar to ask them if their proposed laws are 1) new (like demanding private sale bans in response to a shooting in California) or 2) would have had a change (like demanding private sale bans in response to a shooting in Seattle).

    Also… the if you’re looking for people who think 2 shootings are no big deal, I’d look first at the people who decided to replace that number with one a good 50+ times higher.

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