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This does not mean the end of the Second Amendment. We can respect gun and hunter rights and still curb gun violence. Australia has done it. Other countries have done it.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
June 20, 2014
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[“Australia has done it”? By confiscating almost all semi-auto long guns? That is not allowed by the Second Amendment.

Guns “in common use” are specifically called out as being protected in the Heller decision. And if you want to look at the Miller decision only guns with a militia purpose are protected. Hence a confiscation scheme like Australia’s would be illegal and would be vigorously resisted in this country.

Furthermore the Second Amendment does not protect hunting. So don’t bother bringing that straw man up.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  1. The problem with reliance on Heller (or McDonald) is that we’re one NSA push (I’m looking at you, Justice Roberts) away from these acknowledgements being whisked away. Methinks 2A, 1A, and the rest are already afterthoughts anyway.

  2. A little web cruising will turn up decent looking, for what they are, workshop guns made by or for Australian motorcycle gangs. Gotcher ban right here, mate. It’s not rocket surgery, and even if it were….

    • There were reports of guns you can’t get in the states being waved around by Lebanese immigrants during the Cronulla riots, too. Seems that all Australia managed to do is disarm the law-abiding.

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