Scrambled brains

From SPD Blotter:

When officers contacted the man—who had apparently torn out patches of his own hair—he refused to provide officers with his identity, giving them a fake name. Then he took off running.

Officers chased the man, who stopped mid-flight, picked up a large rock and turned back toward officers. Police told the man to drop the rock, which he did, before he again fled down the street, stripping off his remaining clothing as he ran.

Officers eventually found the now-completely naked suspect lying on his back in a planting strip in the 2000 block of Minor Ave E—about a half-mile from the scene of the original incident—and took him into custody.

The man told officers he had taken cocaine, methamphetamines, LSD and other unidentified drugs earlier in the evening.

After officers arrested the man, he began scratching all over his body, asked officers for his clothes, and then complained he was too hot.

Police weren’t immediately able to identify the man, who was unable to provide police with his real name or home address.

If the guy had tried to throw the rock at someone there is a fair chance it would have been sufficient grounds to shoot him. Don’t get your brain so scrambled with drugs that someone else is justified in scrambling it with lead. The high you get from the drugs isn’t worth the downer from the lead.


2 thoughts on “Scrambled brains

  1. I think when you’re that far gone that you’re doing coke, meth, acid, and whatever else drugs, you would probably welcome the sweet release of death. You have to have no hope or idea of anything worth living for.

  2. Holy crap, the fact that Seattle PD didn’t ventilate the guy is down right impressive.

    Seriously, I wonder if they’re going to have an internal investigation of those officers as to why. I mean they obviously hesitated given the history of Seattle PD.

    *While I say the above tongue in cheek.

    1) I’m glad the officers exercised restraint though we don’t know either the size of the rock or distance between them at the time. (For instance it may have been way too big to reasonably think it a danger, I can pick up a 50 lbs rock, I’m not throwing it at you.)
    2) Given the lawsuit those Seattle PD officers filed against the DOJ it wouldn’t surprise me if they had ventilated this guy.
    3) For those who don’t want to dig through the whole history, here’s the most memorable of events that sparked the DOJ investigation. There were countless others, but that one is the best illustration.
    4) I’m glad those officers were able to help that man. *Seriously I want to know their names, to both applaud them and that I’d like to be able to yell at Seattle PD if they’re let go or fired over this incident. Why? Because I trust that bureaucracy about as far as I can throw fat doughnut munching asses.*

    **Can we tell Barron has lost all faith in the Seattle PD and King County? Couple that with things like this and it becomes obvious as to why.

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