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Signing some imaginary contract to “ask” does nothing but make parents more paranoid.

By the way, if you “ask” me my answer is yes I’m an American. I have guns in my home. I signed a board called “reject paranoia” and I don’t allow children of irrational parents in my home.

June 17, 2014
Comment to Gun-control, open-carry supporters stage dueling demonstrations one week after Reynolds shooting
[I completely agree with everything except the last sentence. I’m sort of mixed on that one. I think I’m more inclined to have them in my home and let them see families with guns in a positive light.—Joe]


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  1. “Gun-control, open-carry supporters stage dueling demonstrations one week after Reynolds shooting.”

    I rushed to that article expecting to see pro- and anti-gunners going through mock duels, with demonstrations of quick-draw techniques. Alas, it was not to be.

    • I was similarly disappointed. Not even verbal duels. 🙁

      Also, did you notice the pictures of the anti-gun people were far more positive than the civil rights supporters?

      • Yeah, I noticed. Most of the pictures are of the poor, grieving anti-gunners who have bravely shown up to mourn the loss of innocent children. The few pictures of the pro-gunners shown them in the distance, from behind, or in close-ups of the guns they’re carrying openly.

        Hollywood has a lot of visual tropes it uses to establish who the bad guy is in a film. Wonder if there’s any crossover with this sort of ‘journalism’?

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