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Twice in my life I got beaten up because I was in a fight and really didn’t want to hurt the person I was fighting. Recovering from the second beating, it occurred to me that “they don’t matter”, “they” being anyone who attacked me. From then on, I never lost a fight, because when I saw that violence was going to occur, I hit first without warning and didn’t stop till they were helpless. Acquiring that mindset is the most important self-defense lesson I know.

June 14, 2014
Comment to The Naive Idiocy of Teaching Rapists Not To Rape
[One might be wise to apply that mindset to a great many other things as well. Politics and war come to mind.—Joe]


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  1. My younger brother, a frequenter of lowlife bars and pool halls in his youth, says that he learned that fights don’t happen as they are portrayed in the movies, with long bouts of hitting back and forth between combatants who shrug off massive blows.

    He said that getting hit over the head with a pool cue stopped his ability to fight completely, as did getting kicked in the nads, having his foot stomped by a well-aimed biker boot and having a beer bottle broken over his forehead.

    Separate incidents, thankfully. And thankfully he outgrew that stage of his life while surviving with only a few concussions.

    • The regrettable thing is how many people, politicians and humans, believe that cinematic fights have some similarity to reality. As I’ve said here at other times, such thinking results in laws and regulations that cause real harm to real humans, most notably where the laws and regulations apply the same rules your brother might have observed in his bar fights to an encounter between a burglar and a sleeping homeowner at 3 in the morning.

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