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My pipe dream is a nation without guns. Its the same pipe dream the abolitionists had in 1800, when slaves were owned by millions of Americans, just as guns are today. Through peaceful, but determined campaigns, those brave men and women drove slavery out of America. Here’s how we do it:

If our neighbor owns a gun, we first try to talk to them, explaining the statistical probability of being killed or killing with that same gun. If he refuses to give up his genetalia compensator, call the police.

Spare no neighbor, gun store, NRA member, or even friend, if that’s the case, the honor of being reported to the authorities.

By calling, you make clear your belief that gun ownership is a crime, a bane on society which must be dealt with the same as robbery or drunk driving. The average American citizen doesn’t think that gun ownership is wrong, but we do, and we are right, and will fight until society knows that gun ownership is a crime, in the same way it figured out that slavery was a crime.

We need to remain strong and persistent in the face of rising gun violence and an increasing number of gun nuts, and not be afraid of those who would rather let six innocent college students get shot than give up their dick extenders.

June 3, 2014
Civil Disobedience to Counter Open Carry Texas
[Via email from Barron.

Wow! Powerful stuff here. Two invocations of Markley’s Law and extremely clear message that they want to take your guns.

I find it odd these people want to identify with the abolition and other civil rights movements while attempting to extinguish a civil right. They have really messed up mental processes.—Joe]


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  1. “Through peaceful, but determined campaigns, those brave men and women drove slavery out of America.”

    I don’t believe any sane person would call the Civil War peaceful.

    • That was my first thought as well. Civil War? Peaceful?

      Maybe he should try something other than opium in that pipe. The dreams might not be quite so delusional.

  2. This persons world does sound more peaceful than our own. To bad it’s not real.

    • But his is a peaceful world, where he deplores violence, and if you won’t give up your guns, he’ll call the comps to show up (with guns) and demand they take your guns (by force), shooting you if you refuse to comply peacefully.
      See? He really is all about peace and love and gentle solutions.

  3. I guess when someone fails to give up their firearm and they “call the police”, they’ll get a better understanding of the implications of harassment and rendering false reports. Probably a good thing. That will give them a closer connection to the actual reason that we have police.

  4. 1) The Civil War wasn’t precisely peaceful.

    2) Neither was John Brown.

    3) Filing a false reporting complaint is always an option.

    4) Filing a harassment suit of some variety would likely be worth investigating.

  5. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

    In many states, probably most, (most definitely here in NC), calling the police to report as a crime something you know is not a crime is, itself, a crime.

    Bring it.

  6. Oh lookie, it seems that the media’s calling Santa Barbra a mass shooting with six victims had some success.

    Now by this person’s logic. All someone has to do is intentionally run over at least six people with their car until they’re dead and then a third party can take away Just A Person’s car.

    Know what’s funny, the US had a real bloody civil war over salvery, but I recall a couple important things. 1) After the war there was no govermental exemption to the ban on slaves. 2) And while the GAR did use draftees, said soldiers were free to go at the war’s conclusion.

    Meanwhile this person wants to create a goverment monopoly on guns, enforced by and with guns. Which in abolitionist tearms means that the us goverment could keep slaves and in fact would use slave soldiers agaisnt the rebel troops.

  7. Oh, please, try this in Salt Lake. Or Texas. Or Wyoming. I fully challenge the strength of their convictions when the first one gets cuffed and stuffed.

  8. “Spare no neighbor, gun store, NRA member, or even friend, if that’s the case, the honor of being reported to the authorities … By calling, you make clear your belief that gun ownership is a crime”

    So this person has no qualms about filing false police reports?

    I see this “justaperson” claimed the Newtown killer used a fully automatic rifle then when challenged, said “Alright, I don’t study guns in depth like you gun nuts do.” (direct quote). So wanting to be factually accurate now makes you a “gun nut”. Charming.

    Not that I’m surprised. I’ve been following the American side of the gun debate for almost a decade now. In all that time, I’ve *never* seen a single person make derogatory comments about gun owner’s genitals that turned out to be interested in honest discussion, or indeed any form of honesty.

    The people I’ve seen in debates who’ve made those remarks:

    – Support the AWB bait-and-switch of referring to semiautos as “rapid-fire” or “weapons of war”, in a deliberate and fraudulent attempt to confuse them with full-auto guns.

    – Talk about the potential for the use of .50 rifles in crimes, or claim they can shoot down passing airplanes.

    – Talk about certain guns having “no sporting purpose”, and ignoring any examples to the contrary.

    – Try to push a ban or restriction with “you don’t need (weapon)”, while happily ignoring the fact that almost every single time, they have no real need for a ban on (weapon),

    – Refer to any facts they are incapable of disputing as “NRA Talking Points”, as if that single label can discredit the fact, and then refusing to acknowledge it.

    That last one I still see a lot on “progressive(except on guns)” forums like DU.

    Anyone else notice the same remarks being brought up?

    • Yep you nailed it! You missed one big one!

      -Always ignore self defense, or simply claim it is an event that “Rarely Happens”

      They must always frame the gun debate in a way that guns do negative things, or positive things of trivial value like hunting, sporting, personal enjoyment, and of course lust (including sexual lust).

      This way ONLY gun control can sound like a reasonable solution, and gun control can NEVER result in MORE violence.

    • ” I’ve *never* seen a single person make derogatory comments about gun owner’s genitals that turned out to be interested in honest discussion, or indeed any form of honesty”

      Of course not. Those people are bigots, little different than their predecessors in the Klan. They have picked a group to Hate, and are doing all they can to render those they Hate defenseless.

  9. Reading the comments, I’m actually pleasantly surprised with DailyKos. They’re calling her out on stupidity, lack of research, and even accusing her of being a right wing shill, and to be fair it does sound like someone trolling less than competently.

  10. In group-think, some criminals have guns, you have guns too, and so therefore you are a criminal. If that isn’t the very definition of bigotry, it’s pretty close. E.g.; “Some black are criminals, and so therefore all black people are criminals– Call the police whenever you see one.”

  11. It’s the same pipe dream the prohibitionists had in the 1920s. Or for that matter, still have regarding different forms of intoxicants. Those seem to me to be slightly more apt analogies.

    • What’s that saying — “I saw a movie about a country where the government had all the guns. It was called ‘Schindler’s List’.”

  12. This guy HAS to be a troll trying to get gun control people to be charged with harassment and false reporting.

    This quote makes it seem like he’s a troll: “I am lucky to not know any gun owners or know any gun stores myself.”

    Know any gun stores? You mean…like the ones that are publicly advertised?

  13. Just looked at later comments by Justaperson.

    DEFINITELY trolling DailyKOS.

    He got banned.

    • I dunno, anti-gunners like MikeB302000 got banned from Kos.

      Now he may be a troll, but really Kos just doesn’t seem to tolerate hardliners willing to insult their base users.

  14. Interesting scam there, using slavery as a pretend-analogy, when in fact the first gun bans were aimed at slaves and at free black people.
    As Stephen Halbrook has pointed out, throughout history one of the clearest difference between free men and slaves or serfs was that free men were armed. He refers to a medieval practice, where the ceremony of manumission included giving the newly freed man a sword and shield, because free men have arms.
    “Make no mistake: the only reason that they want to take your guns is so they can do things to you that they can’t do if you keep your guns.” — L. Neil Smith

  15. Justamoron, why does your wants supersede my wants ? What if the shoe was on the other foot ? If i were you my “pipe dream” would be to have a coherent thought.

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