I think we are done here

I made a Facebook friend request to someone I have known for over 30 years. I hadn’t had any contact with her for probably four years but it sounds like a mutual friend from our past lost their son and I wondered if she knew something about it.

In response to my friend request I got this:

Hi Joe, I am chair of the Veterans For Peace Environmental Cost of War and Militarism Working Group. Because you have chosen to become a militant enemy of your local environment by exploding bombs on it, I do not want to be your Facebook friend.

Killing everything in that spot of Mother Earth that you choose to desecrate for fun and leaving behind the heavy metals to poison the water of future generations is appalling to me.

I’m not just picking on you personally. I’m against bombs, bombing ranges, chemical and depleted uranium weapons, mining where the people of the land are forced off of their property, and many other things involved with the military-industrial-1% complex.

If you could put some of your intelligence into figuring out how to bring down global capitalism and war profiteering, encourage farming and local food buying, conversion from fossil fuels and endless consumption to conservation and cleaner energy, stopping fracking, nuclear power, and the war against the indigenous, I’d love to hear your ideas.


I knew she was of significantly different political persuasion than me even when we were close. But wow! Bring down “global capitalism”?

I think we are done here.


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  1. Considering capitalism is the visible solution anywhere on the horizon that can address or mitigate, let alone solve, the other problems she lists, I think she’s in for a very unhappy future, and she’ll end up blaming all the wrong things, and supporting programs that make the things she hates worse, not better.
    And she sounds like she’ll be convinced it is all somebody else’s fault, too.

  2. Hmmm. Don’t recall seeing any heavy metals in fertilizer. And the hillside seems as green or greener now as it was 13 years ago when I attended my first boomershoot. Oh, and the event’s on a ranch. That sells locally. And the event is powered with solar fuels, by armed citizens who have developed the capability of preventing people from being forced off their lands by overzealous developers and/or government agencies over mining claims or grazing rights.

    Whew – she couldn’t get it more wrong.

    • Lead is a heavy metal. But that’s why we use/used lime, to ensure it didn’t get leached out. But I’m pretty sure there isn’t any uranium, depleted or otherwise, in use. And while a significant number of the shooters are ex-military, I’m reasonably sure there isn’t any serious representation from the mil-ind complex; they have access to much larger bank accounts, and higher grade explosives, I’m sure.
      “Mother Earth.” Oh, I see. Did she send a card on mother’s day? Does she use metals that were mined? (answer: yes)
      Understandable, but quite misplaced, zeal.

      • My 1986 milsurp Hungarian giant sardine can of ammo for my Mosin-Nagants contained armor piercing rounds, with a steel center surrounded by lead covered by copper.

        So that darn iron and copper woulda got into the soil if I’d been able to Boomershoot.

        Iron and copper aren’t exactly known as heavy metal poisons, but you’re dealing with an ideologue, not a rational person.

        I’d suggest your only response should be to retreat to a safe distance without turning your back until behind good cover.

        • I agree. I don’t turn my back to people like that. And I keep my physical location a bit more private than most people do for similar reasons.

          I’m saddened by it though. When I broke up with my wife it crossed my mind that I might see if she was available. I knew she left her husband a couple years earlier (with good reason). I had always been rather fond of her but the last I had heard she had a new partner. I knew that unless she had mellowed out her politics would have been an issue so when I started looking I did a fresh search.

          I really should add her to the list of women that I have been attracted to but have a crazy streak.

          • I really should add her to the list of women that I have been attracted to but have a crazy streak.

            I started snickering after I read that and just couldn’t stop. I think it’s remembering that mere mortals would have left ages ago… *still laughing.*

          • @Geodkyt, I wouldn’t really put her in the physically ‘hot’ category. Even 30 years ago she was pleasant to look at she wasn’t really ‘hot’. I suppose there was (and from my interaction with her a few years ago, is) a psychological component of ‘hot’ mixed in there.

            I did take a bunch of pictures of her (and her husband) when they went to the nudist club with us and son James almost 30 years ago. I remember looking at them when I was organizing things a few months ago.

            I can now count three women, after my ex, who I had a romantic interest in who are nuts. Counselor Stacy gave me some great advice after I saw the pattern with nutcase number two and I was able to break out with Barb L.

            Stacy has talked to Barb L. too and agrees that she is “delightful” and a “keeper”. So I’m feeling pretty good about things now. But wow, I now understand how women keep ending up in relationships the same type of creepy/abusive men.

          • Nudist club? Something tells me your life has been a lot more interesting and fun than mine has lol

          • It’s the psychological hotness I refer to.

            If you’re attracted to her psyche enough, it doesn’t matter very much what she looks like, as long as you aren’t physically repulsed.

  3. If I were to receive a response such as that from an old acquaintance I would assume that i was being trolled.

    • I did a search for her full name and found an extraordinary amount of evidence supporting the hypothesis that her politics is exactly as she claimed.

      She has a problem with diversity and liberty so we are done.

  4. What she refers to as “global capitalism” is actually what most people call “crony capitalism” which I call “crony Fascism” (a variety of socialism) to be more accurate. It certainly isn’t capitalism. Everything she supports politically is feeding and supporting global crony Fascism. As we put in our 262 Tenets of Socialism;

    “When socialism causes problems, liberty is to blame, and the solution is more socialism.”

    If you want to see her go really far off the deep end, just ask her; “What about liberty?”

  5. I would rather just let it drop for now. If she comes back at me in a hostile manner I’ll take that approach.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Cue Ubu saying: “She seems pretty reasonable to me!”

    I guess you did your due diligence on her, but boy! If an old classmate contacted me like that I would at least give a simple salutation and address their question, and wait for further communication before I dove into the political proselytizing!

  7. If I might make a connection to the greater psychology of totalitarians, they are obsessed with the idea that someone somewhere finds enjoyment in some manner not on an approved list. And sometimes that approved list is terribly short, including sex, and drugs other than tobacco.

    • Or on the more “Progressive” point of view, that all of their personal problems are caused by somebody else (generally a shadowy “Them” or a distant specific person like the Koch Brothers, or happily retired George Bush.

  8. Happy to say that of all the females I’ve been romantically interested in, only two could be put very far out on the crazy scale (and one of those really only for a few days a month – those stereotypes have more than a grain of truth with some people), and with the other the flags cropped up pretty fast and gave me time to bail out before losing to much time, money, brain cells, altitude, or health hit-points, to mix several metaphors. And the first and only one I’ve married is a keeper, and I still think so unambiguously after nearly twenty years together.
    But I’ve met a few that were, uh, rather, um, how shall I put this? Ahhh, well, bat-shit irrational and dumb as a sack of left-handed low-friction screwdrivers.

  9. Wow, does she seriously think she’ll avoid being part of the Great Die-Off should she accidentally somehow succeed in her quest?

    • Don’t try to make sense of crazy. Barb and I have both been there and done that.

      Yet we still have to remind each other that is a fools task. It can’t be done and you risk going crazy yourself.

      In this specific instance I suspect she believes her intentions are reality. She doesn’t intend for there to be a Great Die-Off. She intends for the world to become a better place.

      If you were to point out that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions she probably would think that only applies to someone else’s intentions.

      • Shorter Kirk-n-Joe (for those of you in a hurry):

        Me: Does she really think…?

        Joe: No.

        That does pretty much sum it up.

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