Quote of the day—President Barack Obama

Our levels of gun violence are off the charts.

President Barack Obama
June 12, 2014
Recent Deadly Shootings Reigniting Gun Control Debate
[Would that be the following charts from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics?



They have to lie to even hope of winning.

The president also called himself a Second Amendment supporter.—Joe]


14 thoughts on “Quote of the day—President Barack Obama

  1. Those numbers still look mighty “on the charts” to me. But then, he’s not the smartest guy in history to occupy the WH.

    • Wonder what kind of results he’d get if he compared overall criminal violence across countries.

      • Hard to do, because different nations record stats differently. In the UK, for example, it’s not counted as a murder until they have a convicted murder, and even then it’s not right because they convict people like Tony Martin. If you compare all criminal violence, you still get all sorts of skews, because numbers are reported in different ways for political reasons.

        • Yeah, I heard about how the UK cooks their books to make the numbers look good. Makes it hard to establish consistency between systems.

    • How about you compare the total rate of violent crime across the board for each country.

      Look hard enough and you’ll find total violent crime INCREASED since foreign countries passed stricter gun control laws.

    • Comparing us to other countries? I don’t think so. A lot of other countries have far higher violent crime rates than the USA. Also, a lot of the countries that he likes to point to have rising violent crime rates while the USA has dropping ones.
      For a lot of good data on this, see the UN Crime Victimization studies. The USA is squarely in the middle of “western” countries, and unusual compared to most of them in having dropping rates of crimes such as robbery and rape. The data clearly support the theory that self defense reduces crime, compared to places where self defense is effectively outlawed, like Holland or England.

  2. ~tongue-in-cheek~

    Since those charts end at 2011, of course current “levels of gun violence are off the charts.” DoJ obviously can’t make new charts that cover a full year’s “levels of gun violence” for a year (2014) that isn’t even halfway over*, so it’s impossible for current “levels of gun violence” to be on the charts….


    *This would be true even if DoJ wasn’t so busy using selective enforcement of laws to punish dissenters and shield supporters of Our Nero Zero.

  3. Follow A&E network’s series “First 48” about homicides.
    You’ll get a real quick confirmation (at least about homicides) on that group data.
    Of course, that data could be skewed a bit, but….

  4. Sorry Juggears, no they are not. What is off the charts is the Federal budget, overall government corruption and the stupidity of the American public.

  5. Inter-country comparisons are completely worthless, since the murder rate is affected by innumerable factors, only one of which is gun control. Only dishonest or ignorant people use inter-country comparisons.

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