Honesty in advertising

It’s satire of course, but one could say it’s honesty in advertising on Seattle Craig’s list. A sample:

Rave for Washington Ceasefire, Gun Control‏ and Gun Free Zones!!!

The story listed below could have been me or a fellow co-worker of mine.


I spent 5 years in prison for Rape, Child Molestation, and Possession of Stolen Property.

Since I’ve been out of prison, I’ve been making a living selling meth and stealing/selling stolen items here on Craigslist.
It seems that no one wants to hire a convicted felon these days. So I do what I do to make ends meat. At least I’m not a mooch on society and live off of unemployment/welfare.

Yes, I rape women and children but only when I smoke to much meth or if I have an itch to get my “willy” wet.

The last thing I want is some gun-nut shoving a gun in my face and blowing me. What gives these gun-nuts the right to do this?

What about my right to live? My rights to do as I please?…I’m an American too, I have rights as well!!

We need stronger gun control…..SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…I’m begging you, PLEASE join Washington Ceasefire today…

A saved version is here for when the original is taken down.


4 thoughts on “Honesty in advertising

  1. Still up. I flagged/voted for Best of Craig’s Lost. Everybody else should too.

  2. It’s kinda dumb, if you ask me. If he’s out stealing, hasn’t he found his own gun yet? Used guns are one of the few things worth money anymore.

    • He’s not so concerned about having his own gun. It’s that the potential victims might have guns. If both parties have guns then they are on roughly equal footing. The perpetrator does not want this. They want the odds heavily in their favor hence they attack the unarmed weak/elderly/disabled.

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