Armed admins

Interesting news blurb today. Toppenish is a city/school district in central Washington state, about 20 miles south of Yakima. It’s a poor, gang- and crime-ridden part of the state, with lots of native Americans and Spanish speakers. It’s the sort of place that if I stop in to gas up, I’m likely the only white guy in the joint. They have decided to allow 11 administrators to exercise their 2nd Amendment (and article 24 of the WA St constitution) rights to carry arms at school. Be nice if they allowed teachers to be armed, but hey, baby steps, one at a time.

Be interesting to see how it all goes.


2 thoughts on “Armed admins

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  2. I grew up in the Toppenish school district and went to school near by. Both my parents graduated from there many years ago. They have watched the changes. I lost a classmate to gangs in that town. I still go over there for auto parts. Its the nearest Safeway for gas. We always new to be careful after dark and avoid certain neighborhoods. That’s they way it is, I never knew any different. Should be interesting to see if this has much change on the city as a whole.

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