A hike to Talapus Lake

Barb and I finally found time to go on our first hike of the season. We went to Talapus Lake:

It was a nice hike. About 1000 feet of elevation gain and about 2 miles from the nearest road Forest Service road. Had we known the Forest Service road was so rough we would have taken my Escape instead of Barb’s Prius. Still, we made it there and back without losing any parts or fluids from her car.

One thing you need to do is get a pass from the Forest Service before you get there. You need it in order to park at the trail head.

The trail went along the creek for a while with rushing water.



The path was generally narrower than this and, as you can see, far from smooth and level.



We, and I in particular, worked up a bit of a sweat. You can see in on my shirt.



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    • I don’t know. We didn’t try and didn’t see anyone there with fishing gear either.

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