You would think they would know better:

A level 3 sex offender was arrested after he kidnapped a little girl from a Beacon Hill Park.  On 6/5/14, just shortly before 7:00 p.m., the complainant called and stated that a male tried to “touch his little girl”. The complainant went on to say that the suspect was surrounded by people in the 9300 block of Carkeek Dr S.    Officers quickly arrived and found 3 people beating one male, who was down on the ground.

I sort of understood the protective instincts of parents for their offspring before I had kids. You know you should never get between a mother bear and her cubs so probably there is something similar with people.

But after they were born, it’s like, “OMG! If you try to harm one of my kids you have a death wish! You would rather have a momma bear chasing you than me because she isn’t as smart in the chase, she isn’t as persistent in the hunt, and she isn’t as creative when she catches you.”

If child kidnapping had a high risk of a nearly immediate beating and/or being shot it probably would reduce the incidence more than the threat of an arrest, prison sentence and/or GPS tracking device.


3 thoughts on “Deterrence

  1. Encouraging to see the vigorous response.

    In the spirit of a friendly After-Action Review, however, may I point out that next time the news report should read that the perp-caught-in-the-act is being held in a secure hospital facility, not the local jail?

    Just suggesting…

  2. About fifteen years ago saw a news story about an attempted abduction at a school bus stop in Louisiana. Word got around and the locals were watching the stops morning and afternoon. The picture was a old man leaning back against a tree with a book, and a worn Model 94 leaned up next to him.

    Lots of places, people would have wet their pants. There, it was considered ‘taking care of the kids. Don’t mess with them and you won’t have to worry ’bout the rifle.’

  3. “The suspect was wearing a Department of Corrections(DOC) GPS tracking device on one of his ankles”

    Gee, that was about as effective as I would expect. When are we going to learn that these are the type of criminal that we need to either execute or lock up until they are too old to be dangerous?

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