5 thoughts on “Another view of Boomershoot 2014 fireball

  1. Ouch! Some of those people further down the field look like they were awfully close to this thing!

    • None of them got hurt, ergo, they were not too close.
      As I said earlier, “It’s a fine line….”

  2. sirs:

    the guy standing immediately to the right of the fireball was none too bright, in my estimation. i betcha he was warm right down to his toe nails.

    john jay

  3. luck is not to be confused w/ prior proper planning***, nor is it to be confused with or considered a virtue. too close is too close, and the one fellow was too close.

    this does not consider the added fact that he appears to have been down range in front of the muzzle of the guy who set the whole thing off. again, not good planning. don’t care what you say on this issue, if, in fact, he was in front of the muzzle. “off to the side” doesn’t cut it. — talk w/ your insurance carrier about this.

    john jay

    *** yes, i know that “… luck is the residue of design … .” (vince lombardi??) i used to read autopsies for a living. high power rifle wounds can never be “retrieved.” and, they are simply devastating. they are to be avoided, and only due care seems to work in this regard. a casual disregard for basic safety leads to disaster, inevitably. simple as that.

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