Crazy talk

I don’t even know what this means:


This is some sort of crazy talk. These people are out of their minds and yet the media listens to them? If anything they should use them as an example of people with mental health issues.


5 thoughts on “Crazy talk

  1. Criminals cease their criminal activities when you inform them that they are breaking the law?

    Well damn. Why has no one tried this before?

  2. Well, half of her comment is true. If we can’t get everybody to play nice in the first place, deterrence is the next best option. What would a mugger do if he found out everyone around him was armed? He’d change his mind.

  3. If you shoot a rapist, he’ll get mad and take your gun from you and shoot you, but if you spray him with pepper spray he’ll leave and join the Peace Corps.
    And WE are supposed to be illogically clinging to our illogical ideas.

  4. So, the death penalty won’t dissuade murderers, but gun control laws will keep guns out of the hands of criminals?


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