Donations to charities

I’ve donated to numerous charities over the years. It’s difficult to say which I have donated the most to. One could add up all the money but there are some donations that aren’t measured in dollars.

I donated my eighth gallon to the Puget Sound Blood Center last night:


I don’t know for certain but I think that if I were to add in the blood donated to the Red Cross I’d be close to the 10 gallon mark.


3 thoughts on “Donations to charities

  1. The last time I gave blood, I wisecracked to the doctor that I wanted proof he was a real doc. He produced his wallet card; it was expired. Hilarity ensued. After I was punctured and leaking into the bag, an aide inquired what Kingdom Hall I hailed from; I informed her she was getting Roman Catholic blood. She exclaimed “Oh, oh my!” and ran away in a tizzy. I considered telling her I was a Pagan but I didn’t want her to stroke out. Donating blood is fun!

  2. I’m one unit away from 9 gallons myself. I started donating regularly when I was told I was “CMV negative” so my blood is preferred for premies and newborns.

  3. Something about the tree of liberty comes to mind all of a sudden, though in a new way.

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