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Holster your weapons, try not to think about your shitty job, try not to think about the meaninglessness within the cult of individualism, and try not to think about your tiny cock.

May 26, 2014
Stop Making Sense
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via email from Bob S.

I find it revealing that he makes reference to “the cult of individualism”. One might infer that he has a preference for the cult of collectivism. I would have thought that the hundreds of millions of dead in the last century because of that cult would be enough to dissuade most from that particular line of thinking.—Joe]


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  1. Was it Ayn Rand who pointed out that people pushing the cult of collectivism usually do that because they think they are the ones who will give the orders? Of course, they tend to forget the fate of Leon Trotsky, and hundreds of would-be bosses like him who were superseded by people even more ruthless.

  2. You beat me to it, Paul. These dopes never realize that there’s an inner circle and an outer circle of revolutionaries. Once the Glorious Revolution has taken place, the outer circle must be disappeared. They *have* shown themselves to be willing to overturn the people in charge after all. Even being inner circle is no guarantee of safety, as the late Mr. Trotsky shows.

  3. Another thing that occurs: The useful idiots like Cavebot will wind up having their homes taken, put into camps, jobs replaced with someone ‘more deserving’, or the countless other ‘rewards’ that await those who helped bring about the Glorious Revolution. They truly believe there’s been some sort of mistake, just contact Comrade Stalin and he’ll tell you to set us free! Ignorant of the fact that it was good ol Uncle Ioseph who ordered their internment. This is one of the reasons one *must* learn history, to know how things unfold in a given situation. Every damn time. This is also the precise reason TPTB ridicule history, quit teaching it, then replace it with a new history. “…we’re going to have to change our traditions, change our history…” – m’cHelLe O

    • One of the things I took away from (I think it was this book) Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin was that idealistic supporters of Lenin and Stalin became disillusioned with the reality of what they had accomplished and tried to “correct” things. They had a proven history of being productive and were politically connected. This, of course, made them “enemies of the state” and vast numbers of them were executed.

      Vast power always attracts those who will abuse it.

  4. “I would have thought that the hundreds of millions of dead in the last century because of that cult would be enough to dissuade most from that particular line of thinking.”

    It’s a feature, not a bug. First they’ll say it didn’t happen, and then they’ll say it needs to happen a lot more because there are far too many people on the planet. Same with the jihadists (a variation on the collectivist theme); the holocaust didn’t happen and how dare you say that it did, and Hitler had the right idea but he didn’t go far enough. It’s always the same story.

    As has been said; evil has a short playbook, or a short vocabulary, and is rather stupid.

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