Quote of the day—Janey Rountree

There is no question it will be the smartest, toughest regulation on gun stores in the country. It’s designed to prevent gun trafficking and illegal sales in these stores.

Janey Rountree
Chicago mayor’s deputy chief of staff for public safety
May 28, 2014
Chicago mayor pushes plan requiring all gun sales to be videotaped
[I don’t care what it is “designed to prevent”. I care about results. The city of Chicago could pass a law requiring chastity belts for all women which was “designed to prevent” prostitution and unwanted pregnancy but that doesn’t mean it would achieve the desired goal or be constitutional.

For decades the city banned handguns and yet the cops confiscated about 7,000 guns a year. So how is the plan for videotaping the sales, limiting sales to about 0.5% of the city’s geographic area, and limiting sales to one per month per buyer going to be measurably better than the way gun stores are regulated in the more free states?

If they think it will be so successful then why don’t they place the same restrictions on alcohol and tobacco sales to prevent them from getting in the hands of minors. Or the sales of illegal recreational drugs? Oh, yeah. Those are even more tightly regulated yet any high school dropout can get anything they want within a few minutes, 24/7, from all the “unlicensed” drug dealers.

This law is not “smart”. It’s crap for brains stupid. It’s unconstitutional. And those that voted for it should be prosecuted.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Janey Rountree

  1. If they have to tell you it’s smart, it isn’t. The plan is NOT designed to “prevent gun trafficking and illegal sales”. That’s only being said so as to conflate gun sales with crime.

    The main purpose of course is to discourage gun sales and gun ownership as much as possible. When it “fails” to “prevent gun trafficking”, and that “failure” is part of the plan, then they’ll say they tried, and it’s just not working, and “we” need more pro-active measures, and there’s nothing left to do but ban them all. That’s always how it works.

    • “If they have to tell you it’s smart, it isn’t.” — that’s a bit like “if the subject contains the word ‘science’, it isn’t.” (If the subject includes the word ‘studies’, it is even lower than if it said ‘science’.)

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