This Land is Mine

…or, the Middle East Explained.

Pop quiz – how many of them can you identify with reasonable certainty, or at least recognize that you knew them for sure at one point?


10 thoughts on “This Land is Mine

  1. I wish it came with explanations/annotations. I’m rather fuzzy on the differences between Babylonians, Assyrians, Hittites, and Canaanites.

    • It’s a little hard to tell some of them apart, even for the pros, and there was overlap on when different groups “ruled” in any given area, and the Greeks and Macedonians are pretty close cousins, too. I think they forgot the Phoenicians, too, unless I’m misidentifying one of the people. But the basic idea hold.

      It’s kind of like La Raza demanding Texas be given back to Mexico, even though we took it from the Confederacy. Who took it from the Republic of Texas. Who took it from Mexico. Who took it from Spain. Who took it from France. Who took it from Spain. (Lather, rinse, repeat; gotta love history). Who took it from the Comanche, who took it from Apache, who stole it from Pueblo, who took it from….. you get the idea.

      • I’m pretty sure the folks in the purplish armor were Phoenicians, because (IIRC) the Phoenicians were the only culture at the time that knew how to get purple dye.

        • Ah, right. I was wondering which one that one was, missed that detail. Very likely correct. Good catch.

      • You missed a “United States” between “Confederacy” and “Republic of Texas”.

  2. I was struck by the left-handed AKs. Someone represented the AK in rather exquisite detail, but only modeled the right-hand side, and then flipped the image to point it in the other direction.

    • Low budget animation. Many of the people are “the same” with just minor color details or accouterments changed.

    • Ah, thanks. Hmmm… Missed a few. I mean that I missed a couple of them, and his list isn’t as complete as it could be. OTOH, it’s done, freely available, and useful to illustrate his basic points about claiming that the land is “yours,” and “being on the side of God.”

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