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It seems the hot shots of Come and Take It Austin took umbrage to a SXSW panel about social media and gun control. With toddlers in tow, they marched down Sixth Street last Saturday waving flags and revolvers.

Still, those of you who were actually invited to our city’s annual party should know that this isn’t exactly everyday behavior. It is true that Texans do enjoy firepower. It is de rigueur for GOP politicians to be photographed at firing ranges, and even our bright liberal beacon Sen. Wendy Davis supports open-carry laws. But in Austin, most of us are content to keep our phallic symbols in our pants.

Without wading into the larger gun-control debate, these kinds of protests are not about the concept of “liberty” that Infowars slings around like a short-order cook. They are about display and braggadocio.

Brandon Watson
March 12, 2014
No, Armed Protests Are Not Normal in Austin
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

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3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brandon Watson

  1. friends:
    i think a little display and braggadocio is quite all right, just every now and again.
    there is a little lizard in australia, …. , ballsy little fellow.
    when alarmed or threatened he stands on his two hind feet, spreads a big fan of skin around his head, opens his mouth wide and hissing, charges his attacker. scares ’em off, usually.
    i am not saying that it is appropriate to react like this every time, … , but, the little lizard has defied conventional behavior, and he and his kind still exist, in a rough and tumble world. oh, now and again i imagine one of them gets eaten for all his trouble, but, in general, it is a worthwhile tactic for him & his kind.
    something to consider.
    i can betcha my bottom dollar that the “gun grabbers,” those of them that saw this display, did not forget it.
    john jay

  2. “our bright liberal beacon (State) Sen. Wendy Davis” came out for open carry much like Obama was pro-gun in 2008, only with less enthusiasm.

    She is an anti-gun, anti-rights bigot of the first order. Let there be no mistake about that. And she is running for governor entirely on the basis of her 11 hour delay of an anti-abortion law that she performed strictly for the publicity, as it had zero effect on the law involved.

    Wendy Davis is the Howard Dean of this year’s TX governor’s election.

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