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Our Constitution is a resilient force, and our Bill of Rights has survived countless modifications and restrictions without the erosion of fundamental freedoms. Our Second Amendment right is no different: It can survive modification and restriction without the fear that it will vanish altogether.

Mark O’Mara
May 2, 2014
I’m a gun owner and I want gun control
[“…without fear that it will vanish altogether”! That’s his criteria for the preservation of a specific enumerated right? So as long as you get permission from the government to checkout your single shot .22 rifle once a month at the gun range and use it under close supervision before checking it back your right to keep and bear arms hasn’t been infringed, right?

Let’s test this concept with some other rights:

  • Your right to freedom of speech hasn’t vanished altogether as long as you are given a “free speech zone” a mile from the nearest person that might be offended.
  • Your right freedom of religion hasn’t vanished altogether as long as you tithe 10% to the one government approved church regardless of which of the other two approved religions you more closely align with.
  • Your right to not have government agents quartered in your home hasn’t vanished altogether as long as you get one day a month without them.
  • Your right to be free from involuntary servitude hasn’t vanished altogether as long as you get one day a week to yourself.

I would like to suggest that O’Mara review the concept of “strict scrutiny” in regards to constitutionally protected rights. But I fear his ability to think rationally has vanished altogether.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mark O’Mara

  1. That’s very strange coming from him. He’s very good on first amendment issues, even (especially?) when he disagrees with the speaker.

    I guess some fundamental rights are more fundamental than others.

    • As with all words used in Progressive-speak, we are to embrace a new definition of “erosion”. Instead of incremental loss over time, it now would have to mean “total loss” or “complete disappearance”, same as “infringed” no longer means what it means (touched upon the outermost fringes) but instead means “utterly, completely, permanently and egregiously violated”.

      “Our Second Amendment right…can survive modification and restriction without the fear that it will vanish altogether.”

      Tell that to the innocent people now sitting in jail and/or bankrupted because of some technical violation of some esoteric gun restriction.

      Mark O’Mara’s words are those of the rapist;
      “You can survive being raped once in a while, Little Darlin’. Quit your complaining.”


      “You might want to put some ice on that.”

  2. He has no problems with gun ownership when it puts money in his pocket. Zimmerman put him on the map, and for that he could care less about gun control. Now that his cash cow has gone to other pastures, he’s gotta whore himself out by saying the ‘right things’ to signal to ‘the right people’ that he is one of them and that they should pay him money.

    Pathetic. And to think he spoke at the Gun Rights Conference.

    • What did you expect from a lawyer? Lawyers are whores.
      The term “principled lawyer” is, by definition, an oxymoron right up there with “good government,” “fair taxation,” and “honest politician.”

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  4. Neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights confers any rights on anyone. These Rights are held by the People by their very existence, these documents merely reiterate them. Anyone that believes that paper laws will stop crime is insane, subject yourself and your loved ones to the tyranny of government and I will do my utmost to defend mine.

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