I’ve been sick

I was late in posting QOTD yesterday and today. I’ve been very sick. It wasn’t until today that the doctors figured out what was going on. It was a “perfect storm” of an undetected cavity in a tooth in proximity to a wisdom tooth fragment left behind after the extraction. A soft-tissue infection developed and even after the antibiotics kicked in enough for the visible infection to go away I still felt terrible. I have seen three doctors so far and will see five before everything is taken care of. I’m somewhat functional now but only with the help of drugs.

It’s amazing the effect something going on in a length of gum tissue less than an inch in length can have. Late morning on Wednesday was the worst. I was shivering uncontrollably. I was in bed with a down comforter and four blankets, doubled over, on top of me. It was 70 degrees in the room and still I was shivering and for inexplicable reasons, because I didn’t have significant pain at the time, had streams of tears rolling down my face. Barb turned on a space heater and heated the room up to I don’t know what temperature before I finally was able to stop shivering.

I’m so glad this didn’t happen during Boomershoot.


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  1. Likewise Joe, get well soon. And if the person they’re sending you to to get that pesky bit out doesn’t work for you, the guy who did mine is in Federal Way and works magic.

  2. Sorry to hear that.

    I prescribe washing a large, fresh lemon and cutting a wedge of about a third of it. Squeeze it thoroughly into a pint glass and toss the wedge in. Fill with water and drink it. No sweetener. It may not cure you, but you’ll feel a little better almost right away. It certainly can’t hurt.

    I bet you’ll be as pert as a ruttin’ buck in no time.

  3. Rest up!! Been there and done that, I’ll show you where I’m missing a molar. When this happened to me, my regular doctor told me to go home and sleep it off. The ER Dr on the other hand told me the coroner would be the next person I’d be seeing if I had slept it off. I even had to endure a spinal tap and spinal patch too. Culprit was an infected molar with a root that went all the way up into the sinus cavity. Molar is gone, no more problems.

    • I confirmed my infected molar root(s) penetrated the sinus cavity, when I sneezed a couple days after it was removed. Blew my nice looking clot out of the socket. Dentist said I lost enough bone to the infection that there wasn’t any exposed at that point, so no Dry Socket result. Had a recurring sinus infection just above that tooth for years. Now I know why. Temp swings big time. Saw as low as 94.0, and this continued for weeks after the extraction.

  4. The second worst pain I have ever felt was caused by a soft tissue abcess under a molar. It wasn’t very big, but it basically put me down from pain alone. Likewise teh fever was pretty disabling, even when juiced to the gills with pain meds. (And the antibiotics only reduced teh abcess partially – it wasn’t until months later, when it ruptured and drained on it’s own despite nearly continuous professional treatment, that it cleared up. Which really annoyed me, as I had been asking them to physically drain it from Day One, but the doctors kept saying, “We don’t do that since we developed antibiotics.”)

  5. Ohmygosh, that’s REALLY bad sick! My husband had a small cut turn into an infection and I didn’t even know about the initial injury that put him into those violent shakes and rattling chills as the soft tissue infection reached bone. You men REALLY need to watch out for that sort of thing. I keep closer watch on my hubby’s health, now. Thank goodness both of our stories end with SURVIVORS! Take care; stay well.

    • I thought I was on top of things. I wasn’t trying to tough it out or anything.

      My first, barely detectable, symptoms showed up about 4:00 PM on Tuesday. I cut short my dinner and video watching with my son, DIL, and grandson at 9:00 PM to see Urgent Care. I took my first dose of antibiotics about 10:00 PM.

      I was in to see my dentist at 8:40 the next morning.

      I was doing the uncontrollable shivering thing about 11:00 AM.

      P.S. I know who you are. I saw your email address. I’ll talk to you later. Thanks for your concern.


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