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Besides the Constitutional issues with gun control, the thing that bothers me the most is that the anti-gunners just don’t know what the hell they are talking about. They say they want to have a “conversation” about gun control, but they aren’t even armed with the basic knowledge of how firearms work, let alone stats and facts to back up their attempts to disarm the American populace.

Brian Anderson
April 28, 2014
Anti-Gun NJ Politician Confused About Guns
[H/T to JPFO.

They don’t have basic knowledge about how firearms work, stats, and facts because they are irrelevant to them. Their “reasons” for wanting to disarm us are independent of such things or the facts that do matter to them must be carefully hidden from us in order for their plans to succeed.—Joe]


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  1. They don’t want to have a “conversation” about gun control. We had that, and their side convinced no one. So, since their fact-free opinions CAN”T be wrong (we’re just too stupid to know what’s good for us), they want to dictate out terms of surrender and CALL it a conversation.

    They do have a gift for mucking up the language. Marshaling facts and evidence? Not so much.

    • That’s because “facts” and “logic” are just extensions of white patriarchy privilege that denies the very real feelings and pain of those that care about the children and less fortunate, and want to do something to prevent all the needless gun deaths.

      • Yes; there is an arrogance attached to it also. Actual knowledge of firearms to them would be much like detailed, working knowledge of plumbing, laundry, butchering or blacksmithing to a prince or a king. Such knowledge is dirty. It reduces, rather than elevates, the individual who possesses it. You can give them the same fact a hundred times, and they’ll avoid it. It’s icky, like the people who posses it. They don’t want to become tainted by it.

    • Indeed, they have no credibility due to bogus statistics, sophomoric arguments, and juvenile sexual insults.

      Who would stoop to talk with ignorant, deceptive morons or children having tantrums?

      It’s worse than that though. Joe is right and their agenda is evil. They intend to disarm us with a multi-pronged strategy. We cannot make any further concessions. I’m not sure what it will take, but I wonder if it will all blow up some day.

      • The evil part is their intentions for after we’re disarmed. The ignorant dupes think it’s about “safety”; but the acts of their masters prove otherwise.

  2. It can happen here in America, too.

    Remember how the Native Americans were treated.

    Recall the Japanese internment in WWII. That was U.S. citizens herded into “nice” camps merely because of their location and ancestry.

    Now look at the behavior of the NSA, IRS, DEA, TSA, BATFE and militarized local PDs. If their masters get their way and they are the only ones armed, I doubt we’ll be safer.

    • Forgot the BLM…real tools after the Utah and Bundy scrape. Can’t control the lands on the border with all their firepower, but can abuse a cattle rancher. Real brave little men they are.

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