6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Fed Up With Faith

  1. Michael Savage was making the same, highly emotional assertion regarding hunters last week on his radio talk show. Total Markley’s Law stuff, and he regards himself as “highly educated” (he says so often).

    What he and many others utterly fail to understand is that without hunting, someone would have to go out and cull game animals in large numbers, to keep them from over-running and over-taking the countryside in many cases. Around here, farmers would be forced to shoot large numbers of deer and elk, just to protect their crops. I guess some people would prefer to pay some government entity millions of dollars to cull wild animals rather than see anyone hunt privately and pay for the privilege of doing all the work. The term “game management” seems not to have manifested itself in these people’s minds.

    Also; I guess the reasoning is that if you eat meat, it is because you have a small penis or some other sexual dysfunction. So again; it seems that there is the belief out there that everything you do, and everything you are, focuses around sex exclusively, i.e. if you disagree with my world view it is because you have sexual problems. By extension then, they’d be admitting that THEIR world view and persona is all crafted, molded and tailored around the single, central focus of their life which is their sexuality and sexual prowess or conquests.

    It’s a really, seriously messed up state of mind. The only conclusion I’ve found that is consistent with the Markley’s law outbreaks is that those people consider sex as domination. Therefore if you’re hunting, or choose to keep a firearm for defense, it is because you’re compensating for your failure to dominate women through sex by dominating animals, or other people, through the use of guns. People with that belief should be watched very closely, especially if you’re considering dating one of them– Be careful.

    Sooner or later we’ll hear that if you hunt it is because you are racist. Some people are totally sex-centric, while others are obsessed with race (if you can’t dominate people of another race, then the next best thing is go out and kill animals for the pleasure of domination). That would be consistent here– Obsessed minds engage in projection, assuming that everyone around them is as obsessed as they.

    • There have been stories of late about how all PIV (Penis In Vagina doncha know) sex is rape. Or how heterosexuality is nothing but a social construct of the White Christofascist Patriarchy. This bilge is being taught in what used to be called institutions of higher learning. The Gramscian whores have seen their seed spread far and wide once the battlespace was prepared (mixing my metaphores, I know). The varieties of this are far beyond discussing in blog comments, or even entire blogs. More than enough material around to get the idea though.

      • Yup. Read some of that stuff and it looks like a major post from The Onion, a total self-parody. Then you realize they are dead serious… and the level of irrationality and delusion needed to make that happen, and not get openly laughed at and ridiculed across the spectrum, is well past the appalling into downright scary.

  2. I NEVER hunted deer until I started a business, quit working for other people and bought land for a business facility.

    At that point, I was so cash poor I ate & survived off of my garden and the deer/other animals found on that property for a few years.

    Extreme case, maybe a bit unusual these days. But I think plenty of my neighbors around that property are not hunting deer for sport, nor are they overly concerned about an official “Deer Season”.

    For a good number of rural people, deer season = freezer empty and paycheck either not coming, not large enough or not going to be deposited in time. And they’re usually not going further than the backyard, wood lot or a corn field to get their venison for dinner.

  3. The link didn’t work for me, so I went searching for it. Found all sorts of demented individuals that fear/hate guns and are proud of their ignorance and bigotry. Had to wash my brain for a bit, afterword.

    • I think saw and heard enough of that crap by the late 1970s to last a lifetime. I don’t actively look for it anymore. There’s more than enough that leaks through in the regular course of day to day life for me to know all I need to know about it. Point is; don’t punish yourself by spending extra time on it. There are plenty of more productive ways to spend one’s time.

      Your aggravation, by the way, is part of what is referred to by Progressives as “social justice”. Don’t give them what they want of you.

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