Gun Lube

Via Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man I came across this article on gun lubes and water protection. Basically a guy with the handle of “Rancid Crabtree” bought a bunch of stuff, documented his procedures, tested things, took pictures, and posted the results. I’m sure quibbles might be made about some detail or another of what he did, but it’s a lot wider that any other test I’ve seen, and makes at least as much sense as others I’ve come across. Food for thought in any case.


6 thoughts on “Gun Lube

  1. I am disappointed he didn’t include ancient LSA for his test. Seems a good item to include as a control since it’s been around for so very long.

  2. We talked with the FrogLube folks at NRAAM, and they seemed quite convinced of their product. FuzzyKBP bought some of their stuff, and was generally pleased with it, and I guess I might have to look into it in the future too.

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