Quote of the day—Benny @Brios82

I’m against the mentally ill obtaining guns. You know…like NRA members.

Benny @Brios82
Tweeted May 8, 2014
[This is what they think of you. If you are a NRA member that is proof that you are mentally ill.

Never let anyone tell you that no one wants to take your guns away. Or send you to a mental institution. The political left loves mental institutions and gulags.

I’ve been listening to The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr I Solzhenitsyn. Scary stuff because of the easy parallels to the political left in our country right now. It’s surprisingly easy to listen too even though it is a 75 hour audible book.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Benny @Brios82

  1. If you want scary, try Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies” trilogy. Volume 1 in particular. A lot of these quotes remind me of that book. What scares me is the possibility that some of these communist wackos will go and implement what Bracken imagined in his novel.

    • Says a lot about Ubu. I’m sure I’ve spent 75 hours on more than a few books in dead-tree format, but I couldn’t say exactly because there isn’t a timer running while I have my Kindle open.

      • Well, the Gulag Archipelago is a freaking big book. I speed-read and I know it took me a LONG time to finish.

  2. Audiobooks are a good way to tackle very long books. For very dense books the format precludes close study, but it works great for an extended narrative. I drive truck over the road and have listened to thousands of hours of audiobooks.

  3. I do seem to manage to discover the very best – if that is the right word – examples of the “gun control” mentality on Twitter…

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