Quote of the day—Jerry Large

We should repeal the Second Amendment.

Jerry Large
April 30, 2014
Common sense calls for repeal of Second Amendment: Guns will continue to be a problem until we remove their Constitutional shield.
[H/T to Sebastian.

Apparently he doesn’t realize the Second Amendment shields the Constitution.

He, as a person of color, should also read Negroes with Guns. I’ve commented on it before (and here). Ry loaned the book to me and told me he thought it should be required reading in our schools. I can’t say that I disagree with that. It has some very powerful stuff in it.

Isn’t it odd that some of the classes of people that would, and have, benefited the most from bearing arms are the same that are so opposed to the Second Amendment?—Joe]


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  1. Odd, indeed. A lot of Jews are in that category as well.

    It’s worth pointing out that the federal government wouldn’t have the right to limit gun ownership even without the second amendment. This is very obvious: read Article 1 Section 8 and see whether you find the power to regulate arms in there. Nope, not there.

    Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman had an interesting comment on this “repeal” notion (in their excellent book “Hope”):

    You can’t repeal the Second Amendment, any more than you can repeal any of the other nine. It was a package deal, you see, an absolute prerequisite to ratifying the main body of the Constitution. Repeal one, you repeal them all. Do that, and you repeal the whole Constitution — and with it, any legal authority that the government has to exist (let alone repeal the Second Amendment).

    • Paul —

      Sorry, Article 5 allows amendments to the Constitution, which will become as valid as any other part of the Constitution.

      While repealing any of the Bill of Rights would break the agreement that was understood at the time of the original ratification, repealing it would no more invalidate that ratification than ANY amendment to teh Constitution invalidates the ratification from any state that joined the Union before that new amendment that altered the Constitution they initially ratified when entering.

      Of course, a state could always seceed — which, even in the SCOTUS ruling that states that the Confederate secession was illegal, holds open secession as a legitimate avenue. (The trick is to be legitimate, the secession must succeed — the South’s – specifically Texas’s – secession was invalid because they failed. I.e., “Why does treason never prosper?”)

  2. “Isn’t it odd that some of the classes of people that would, and have, benefited the most from bearing arms are the same that are so opposed to the Second Amendment?”

    Psychological warfare has claimed many victims. It shouldn’t be considered odd at all I’m afraid. Evil, insidious, deadly by all means, but not odd or unusual. It should be known, understood, predicted and appropriately countered. This is one of our greatest failings.

    And it is true that the second amendment, or any other right, cannot be “repealed” any more than gravity or the need for oxygen to support human life can be repealed.

    Attempt to do so at your peril. The problem with that statement is that evil, once it has taken hold of its host, will destroy the host, rational self preservation having been subverted and re-directed.

  3. Blacks and Jews who favor victim disarmament should watch “no Guns for Negroes” and “No Guns for Jews” from JPFO.org

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