Boomershoot 2014 Field Fire and Clinic info

Gene Econ, the Boomershoot Precision Rifle Clinic Instructor, has some last minute information for Field Fire and Clinic participants.

Clinic and Field Fire Shooters for Boomershoot 2014

We will have a lot of shooters at the Field Fire and Clinic this year so let me remind everyone of a few things that are unique to the Field Fire and Clinic.


Anyone can call a cease fire! If you see something wrong, call a cease fire.

One blast of the air horn means cease fire and clear your rifle.

Two blasts means you can continue to shoot.

Please relay “cease fire!” verbally to those next to you.

Do maintain muzzle awareness while handling your rifle or pistol.

If you are shooting Field Fire on the low end, (positions 1 – 30) and are shooting at the 375 yard berm, please shoot the targets on the left side of the berm.


Clinic Shooters have the prone berm so do not set your gear up on the prone berm unless you ask me first. We have 22 Clinic shooters on Saturday and we will use most if not all of the prone berm this year.

Field Fire shooters can choose any position along the firing line to shoot from. I do not require you to use the position you will use on Sunday.


No armor piercing ammunition.

No smokeless powder loads using a caliber greater than .30. My steel will not take hits by .338 magnums or .50 cal BMG ammo. Some Field Fire shooters bring steel so they can shoot their big bore rifles. I can direct you to them so you can ask if you can shoot their steel with your big bore rifles. Black powder and lead bullets are fine on any of my steel targets.

Check with me before shooting tracer, please.


I recommend that Clinic attendees arrive at the shooting site by 0815 so they can get their name tag from one of Joe’s crew. If you have not been to Boomershoot before, you will see us congregating behind the prone berm which is most of the way down the firing line.

The Clinic starts at 0900 each day with a class that includes a live demonstration of a two man team shooting steel and some Boomer targets. The class is normally done by 10:30. During this hour and a half, no Field Fire shooting but feel free to set up your gear and attend the class and demo if you wish.

Field Fire shooters can show up and leave when they want. If you don’t intend on shooting your three explosive targets at the end of the day, please tell me.

We open the range to Field Fire after our demonstration – normally around 10:30. We shoot until around 12:00 and cease fire for lunch. We resume shooting until about 1500 when I call a cease fire and we go to the 375 yard line where we show Joe and his crew where we want our three explosive targets placed. When the targets are placed and I am sure everyone is safe, I will blow the air horn and we will shoot our individual targets. After about twenty minutes, and on my command, I will allow poaching of any targets that have not been blown up. We are normally done by 1630 when the Clinic shooters have a short After Action Review of the day’s events.

Let’s have a great two days and see you next weekend!

Gene Econ


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