Quote of the day—Italian Rose

Banning guns for people that had any drug conviction is rational and common sense. We should also ban guns from anyone who received a DUI or had their drivers license suspended for any reason. People who are late on their bills should also not have guns and the mental health provision should be if you have ever as much as ever spoke with a counselor you should not possess guns.

Italian Rose
April 21, 2014
Comment to A gun control law that even the Massachusetts attorney general’s office thinks is unconstitutional (as applied in two cases)
[As I started reading the comment I was certain it was sarcasm and that would be made more clear by the end. But it wasn’t. Then I looked at the name, Italian Rose. Oh! They have been featured here before (and here).

I’m still not entirely sure whether it should be tagged as sarcasm or not.—Joe]


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  2. Italian Rose left off “And if you ever spoke to your wife in a tone your wife considered to be yelling in spite of the fact that the neighbors know her voice, not yours”, and people who are overweight or who are normal weight through the use of diet drugs or herbs, or who have been soldiers deployed overseas, or anyone who has been involved in a shooting.”
    I could think of a few more, but the game grows tiresome. I’m sure the idea is that everyone is somehow disqualified from driving — I mean possessing a handgun.

  3. After reading Rose’s comments I am convinced that there should be intelligence tests to vote or in her case exist.

  4. ‘Italian Rose’, why are you concerned? The solution is so simple…go to ANY other, ‘first-world, civilized country’, where they are blessedly free of gun violence.
    Italian Rose, your ideal apparently already exists in these other, more enlightened nations. The benefits of polite, more civilized societies await you—why fight the benighted violence-prone barbarians here? Why antagonize people who so obviously don’t appreciate your efforts to save us from ourselves? The door swings outward…go, and be happy.

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  6. That is INSANE. I had/have ADD and was suspected of being dyslexic, so my parents took me to a child psychologist. I grew up into a law abiding medical researcher with advanced degrees in engineering.

    When I was in college, I (along with the rest of my family) went to family counseling for a little bit while my parents were going through a divorce.

    Would either of those be held against me when I go to buy a gun?

    If my son follows in my footsteps of being ADD/ASD and I take him for evaluation do we both lose our gun rights (when he grows up of course)?

    Wouldn’t such a law create even more problems if people (particularly men) would have to choose between marriage counseling and losing their gun rights?

    It’s one thing for a court to say, based on evidence, that a person is a danger to themselves or others and must get psychological treatment. But to say that anyone who needs a professional to talk to, for a myriad of reasons, should lose their gun rights is discriminatory and dangerous.

    Do you think you might be gay, and need counseling on how to come out to the rest of your family? – No guns for you!

    Did you just give birth and are one of the nearly 50% of women who suffer postpartum depression? – No guns for you!

    Are you being evaluated for a possible learning disability or being tested to see if you belong in a gifted program? – No guns for you!

    Are you going through a rough spot in your marriage and want some counseling? – No guns for you!

    Did you suffer a debilitating accident and seek counseling as part of your physical therapy? – No guns for you!

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