Cut the budget not expand it!

The NSSF wants the Office of Enforcement Program and Services (EPS) of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to be increased.

While their goal is appropriate, decreasing the wait time for processing National Firearms NFA forms, there is a much better solution. They should eliminate the requirement for the NFA forms and delete the EPS from the federal budget.

I realize repealing the NFA isn’t politically feasible at this time but I submit that making sale of NFA items contingent upon filing a 4473’s and a NICS check might be. The NFA form processing is essentially the same thing. It’s just common sense to eliminate the redundant system that is currently running 10 months behind doing what takes no more than a few minutes in your average gun store.

Also of note is that in the same NSSF post they report:

ATF’s troubled eForms system being taken down until further notice.  Users of the system were told by ATF in an email that “The eForms software is not performing to our expectations. As a result, we are taking the eForms system down until further notice.

Anytime the government gets involved in a software project, anything actually, you should expect it to be “troubled”. I’ve written software for the government and I know others who worked in software development at other facilities. It’s not surprising the ObamaCare exchanges and the ATF’s eForms system are unusable. Even after working at Microsoft and knowing how the software development processes could be improved it just didn’t seem possible for the government to adapt those improvements.

If you want something degraded and destroyed without being directly blamed for it the best way to do that is get the government to “improve” it. I submit gun control and ObamaCare as my prime examples.


2 thoughts on “Cut the budget not expand it!

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  2. “Give us more clean, yellow, Star of David arm-bands!”

    Yes; so we won’t get beaten so often for having dirty ones. I see the logic there, such as it is, but it misses the point.

    The bottom line is; in a free society there is no room for a bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. It’s is, by its mere existence, an affront to everything upon which this country was founded. It is a rouge organization. They are rebels. Upstarts. Trouble-makers, looters and usurpers. They serve no purpose other than violence and intimidation against honest, peaceable citizens. The bastard child of Progressivism and Fabian socialism, the bureau is an ugly, unfortunate, illegitimate hold-over from the Prohibition era, and it is long past time to dissolve it.

    Is that clear enough? It’s a very, very simple conclusion flowing directly form basic American principles. This isn’t complicated or difficult.

    The speed or efficiency which which they “process” us citizens is irrelevant. Did Martin Luther King Jr. risk his life to march for funding for better seats in the back of the bus, or better “Colored” drinking fountains? Was he petitioning to have the burning crosses in his yard moved to a slightly safer distance from his house in the name of fire safety?

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