Disney ship accommodations

Disney pays a lot of attention to detail. This is true of their parks as well as their ships and island. Every night when we were having dinner our bed was turned down and a towel folded in the shape of an animal was waiting for us on our bed:


The food tasted wonderful and was presented beautifully. Here is an example:


There were three swimming pools on board. One for kids, one for teenagers, and one for adults. This is the adult pool:


On the last day, even before we were were off the ship, they had the pools drained and were washing down the ship with cleaners.

In the evenings we saw a movie (Frozen) and a extraordinarily well produced play. The attention to detail in the props and production detail was amazing.


3 thoughts on “Disney ship accommodations

  1. Maybe it’s just me (obviously your mileage varies!) but the food-presentation pic leave me cold. I’m sure it tastes just fine, but it looks like a piece of equipment that spontaneously disassembled itself!


    • My personal approach to food is very functional. If it tastes good and is nutritional then it is good enough for me. When someone makes a big deal of the presentation of the food I usually hold back but I’m thinking that the second I swallow it all food looks pretty much the same.

      That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some artistry in the presentation but I won’t voluntarily pay extra for it. My point with Disney is that they put a lot of effort into every detail. That I, or you, don’t much care about some details doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate their achievements or that some people would care about those details.

    • Well, sure. I’m fairly utilitarian, too. But I’m NOT enough of a philistine to not appreciate food that actually is presented beautifully.

      The stuff that gets raved about by artistes, though, like your photo, fwiw–dribs and drabs of stuff dropped on a stark white plate–always seems to me like the Bauhaus of food presentation.

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